Dale Earnhardt Original Winning Car

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Authentic Dale Earnhardt Race Winning Car to be Sold

You see a lot of cars like this that were show cars or replicas – but this one is the real deal. The car is for sale on eBay.

It comes with documentation showing that the car was built by Richard Childress Racing and raced by Dale Earnhardt.

It’s a 1990 Chevy Lumina that Dale won the Atlanta 500 in. The car was named Iron Head by Earnhardt’s crew. If you look closely you will see where the crew engraved the name Iron Head.





14 Comments on Dale Earnhardt Original Winning Car

  1. charlotte on
  2. sure wish i had the money to buy it! so many memories…..

  3. Evie on
  4. My comment is the same of what Patty Fittro.

    Why are they selling the CAR ????? Good question. I do think the question requires an answer!!!!!!

  5. tony on
  6. i agree,the car should be in the hall of fame.this must be another smart idea from theresa,but then again if she had any sense at all she wouldn’t have lost dale jr.

  7. WUZUP1998 on
  8. Unless Teresa bought this car it’s not hers to sell. Kirk sold this car back in 2003 at the Barrett Jackson Auction. Results can be found here:


  9. Deborah on
  10. Why not give the car to one of his kids first before trying to sell it?

  11. 88alltheway!! on
  12. i agree!!lol

    WTF. Dale Sr is rolling over in his grave for sure this time. I don’t care if she’s broke or not! Maybe she needs to get a job!! But then again if this is the real deal , surely Jr or someone in Nascar would buy it first!!! What’s next , his farm land and home? And even his name? She’s pathetic !!!

  13. blu2 on
  14. If you people would bother to check into the info available, you’d see that the car is being sold by a dealer out of Tennessee that buys and sells all kinds of cars, etc. He probably bought this car years ago, before Dale died, for God’s sake!! Quit blaming Teresa for every little thing, for once in your lives!! Maybe instead of HER needing to get a JOB, YOU PEOPLE need to get a LIFE!! She has one, and Junior has one, so get one of your own!!

  15. blu2 on
  16. I am wrong on it being sold to the dealer long before Dale died. It was sold to a “Mr. McNab” with a letter signed on July 23, 2001, by Kirk Shelmerdine (on KSR letterhead paper) verifying the car. Since Dale’s estate was still tied up in probate at that time, DEI (Teresa) didn’t own the car even then. Bottom line: Teresa HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SALE. IT had already been sold, IF it even ever belonged to Dale, since it came out of RCR racing stables. Check your facts before you jump on somebody who had nothing to with a situation!!

  17. REGAN on

  19. katseyes on
  20. I agree with blu2. And what’s also important is that most of you don’t seem to understand: TERESA DOES NOT OWE ANYONE OF US ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT SHE CARES TO SHARE WITH US!!

  21. Chevygal on
  22. Yeah…right on! I agree. I’m tired of people blaming Teresa before they find out the real facts.

  23. John on
  24. Teresa never owned this car! It was owned by Richard Childress (RCR) and driven by Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Dale worked and drove for Richard Childress (RCR) not DEI.

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