Dale Earnhardt Jr Upset with Memphis Track

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Miffed with Memphis Track Officials Over Publicity Stunt

It was a lame attempt at free publicity gone bad — and Dale Earnhardt Jr. took track officials at Memphis Motorsports Park to task for trying to use his name to sell tickets to a race that  he had very little interest in entering.

In case you missed it the guys at Memphis Motorsports Park offered Dale Jr. a lifetime supply of Memphis ribs if he would come to the track and race in the Nationwide race there.

That after MTV’s Cribs showed Dale Jr. mentioning he was a fan of the ribs from Rendezvous in Memphis.

Earnhardt does not run many Nationwide races these days, and when he does it’s usually a companion event at a place like Daytona or Talladega — not a race at a stand alone  track like Memphis.  “I haven’t raced there since 1999, and I probably won’t be going back there any time soon, and they just use my name to try to sell tickets and try to start some gimmick,” said Earnhardt Jr.

He was also upset that the track wanted to use the gimmick to promote one of their partners — and not Dale Jr’s favorite Memphis barbecue joint. “I talked about Memphis barbecue and I specifically pulled out the package of barbecue that I liked, and it’s called Rendezvous and I mentioned that on the show, Junior noted.”

“They just use my name to try to sell tickets and try to start some gimmick.”

“So they knew that Rendezvous, if anybody has ever been to Memphis and ate there, they know it’s great barbecue ribs, so they know that that was my favorite.” But they mentioned their track sponsored barbecue place so they got a plug for no damn reason, and Rendezvous who has been there forever doesn’t get a word in.”

I’ll bet Rendezvous will get plenty of publicity now.

“I don’t want to sound like a jerk about it,” said Earnhardt, “but I was really more upset for the guys at Rendezvous that have been around for years, and everybody knows that’s the best place in Memphis, hands down.  Everybody can read right through that article.”

I think Junior is right for standing up to the guys in Memphis. What do you think?




65 Comments on Dale Earnhardt Jr Upset with Memphis Track

  1. Marie on
  2. Good for Dale Jr. for standing up for what is right! He is one classy young man.

  3. Donna on
  4. Nice job, Dale Jr…once again,you’ve reminded me why I am a huge fan of yours…you truly are a great young man…best of luck to you in 09…

    Go get em’ Bug!!!!!!!

  5. Diane on
  6. I give you a lot of credit for letting everyone know whats happening. Cause when I read the article prior to this one I thought when in the heck have you racedin Memphis. So good for you . There is always someone trying to live off of someone else’s goodness.

  8. Right on Jr.

  10. You will do great in 2009

  11. Louie on
  12. Way to go Jr. When you come to Columbia,SC again we’ll go on over to Vegetable Medleys and cut down on some real Bar-B-Que

  13. steve granger on
  14. you do this old Marines heart good!!!!!!Atta boy to you Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. George Moffatt on
  16. Your our main Man for sure JR.

  17. Stash on
  18. Good for you Jr. …..You’re a standup guy.

  19. M Martin on
  20. He’s right! However he’s over rated!

  21. Peggy Claywell on
  22. Dale Jr. That is what I love so much about you. I love your truthfulness , and the way you stand up for what you think is right. Always stay that way!!!!!

    Dale Jr, you set a fine example for young people and make us Seniors proud.Stay the way you are,you have my vote.
    May you be blessed with much favor this year,
    so looking forward to seeing you in the winners circle………..you are a good guy

  23. Troy on
  24. I couldn’t have said it better. Go JR. !

  25. Paul Headden on
  26. Dale Jr. knows his Barbeque. Rendezvous has been the Premier place for Ribs in Memphis for generations. As a former Memphian who knows his Barbecue and who is a Dale Jr. fan, I say Kudos to Jr and the best of luck at Daytona.

  27. Debi 88 Simon on
  28. I agree with Dale on his actios and his choice of BAR-B-Q…and 1 quick note..I love you Dale..Will you Marry ME?

  29. Sam on
  30. I’m not a Dale Jr. fan but I have got to agree with him on this one!!!!!

  31. Sheila Robinson on
  32. I was at the event that JR made these comments, and he was pissed that Memphis would try and use him and some “Piggly Wiggly” ribs. He definately wants the rib place Rendevous to get the credit of having the best ribs. He spoke his mind and made his point perfectly clear that he was not going to be used. That is why I love this guy so much. To sit there and hear the emotion in his voice over this promotion was great, he is awesome and when he talks, people (well, maybe not Memphis Speedway) listen. Keep up the great job JR!!!!

  33. sally on
  34. My husband was all set to go to Memphis. Can’t always believe what u hear. Ronnie and I like Sonny’s BBQ. Everyone to their own taste. Iam a Jr. fan all the way. Much success in 2009, Dale.

  35. Sheila Robinson on
  36. the rib place Rendevous is located in Memphis, down an alley, JR said you may be scared when you try to go there, but it is definately worth it!!! He said it is not in a very good part of town, but the ribs R the best.

  37. ray h s on
  38. your my kind of man

    good in in 2009

    hope to see you at daytona

    ray h s

  39. Judy on
  40. Talk about gettin’ a plug in there M Martin. This was about ribs

  41. Norm on
  42. Jr you did what anyone should do when someone does’nt have the decency to ask you for FREE advertising –This is CRAP when someone trys to make money with your name as a celeb. without permission — GO GET EM JR

  43. harry kimmey on
  44. how many ribs is a live time of ribs? i would take the ribs and hush about it. like nascar does ,take the money and run.

  45. Charity on
  46. That a way Dale Jr…. I have to stand up on that one… You are a great guy and I am a HUGE FAN of yours… Good luck in 2009! Can’t wait to see you in Dega!!!! I AM RIDING WITH DALE!!!

  47. Peggy T on
  48. Way to go Dale Jr!!! Don’t blame you one little bit for being ticked off about this.
    They had no right to use your name like that without your permission. You are number one in my book, You are down to earth..a gentleman, you speak your mind ( that reminds me of your Daddy ) and I love to watch you race! May “2009″ be your best year yet…I’ll be a hooping and a hollering for you all the way!
    We love you Junebug!! GO GIT EM!!!!

  49. Mikeabq on
  50. Dale should work a little east and try The Germantown Commissary which, in my opinion and that of many others, is THE FINEST BBQ in the Memphis area.

  51. maureen steele on
  52. I am a huge Dale JR.fan and i agree totally with him for standing up to them for something that is right and what he believes in , Dale JR is right on this one. I live in Canada and wish i could go get some of those ribs too.

    good luck in 2009 waiting patiently to watch you race again this year.

  54. good for you jr tell them right and i know you will do well in 09

  55. debbie on
  56. WAy to go Dale Jr. nice to hear that somebody like that was put in there place.GEE i wish i had some b-bque ribs right now.Come to Tampa -Eastbay bring us some at “SLM” week LUCAS OIL SERIES.

  57. Tom on
  58. I think you did the right thing by standing up for the place you enjoy eating at and taking to task the people who were just trying to use your good name to promote their eatery.I thnk it was great you stood up for your people.

  59. TOMMY on
  60. Your Dad would be proud of you.

  61. Mike Mc on
  62. Dam right JR giv’em hell man.Some people think they can do anything they want!. Stand your ground and giv’em the business ya know what i mean. By the way your best days are a head of you man just keep on keep’in on man it’s right there it’s com’in!!!!!

    Your bud in PA

  63. George Jr. on
  64. Way to go Jr. I am looking forward to seeing you in the winners circle in ’09. Your are an awesome driver.


  67. LEW ZIDO on
  68. Dale, you did the right thing. I’m glad to see that there are a few people who still have a concience. Good luck and kick some butt in 2009. See you at DAYTONA.

    You GO Jr. Behind you all the way. Great to have you back online. Good Luck this year. You are the best.

  69. Lisa on
  70. Good Job Dale Keep up the Good work. You know how to stand up to your rights.
    You tell them like it is.I know you will have a good year to come, 2009 is gonna be the best.

  71. Kim on
  72. Way to go Jr!!! I agree with you 100%! You are a great man! Good luck this year you will do super!!! I am a true fan!

  73. Patti on
  74. Hey dont let people walk all over you to sell tickets – You have too much class to drive for them anyway!! Nothing against the company and the ribs – But you can order them to go and get them delivered to your place with out racing – Way to go!!! Good Luck in 2009 see ya at the twins in daytona and again in vegas

  75. Jim Chalmers on
  76. As usual, Jr. stays on top of things. Kudos to you Bub.

  77. BOBBIE on

  79. misscatfish88 on
  80. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in. Never let it just slide.

  81. mamaw123 on

  83. Evelyn on
  84. Thank you Dale Jr for doing the right thing. Best of luck in 2009. I will be behind you 100% forever, you are the best.

  85. Laura K. on
  86. I saw the original “Cribs” and the Ribs pulled out of the almost empty ‘fridge ! Noted them cause I love real BBQ.Good for Mr Earnhardt for setting the record straight on YOUR fav;and not the attempt at some free advertising for the Pig N Whistle. Nice to see a stand taken ! Credit where credit is due to the Rendezvous .

  87. Fae Willis on
  88. He is # one man–no wonder he has such a fan base, he tries to do what is right—he is my driver

  89. GARY on

  91. jerry on
  92. as a ritired gm worker i wish the upper people would have stood up the way dale jr has and not one of the management has the standup in then that dale jr has. go dale your biggest fan in ala

    i believe that he did it right
    they shouldn’t use his name to promote something he has nothing to do with. go dale go.
    Besides my ribs are the best in the west ::)

    Integrity is what it is all about! YOU GOT IT
    Here’s wishing you many rolls into victory lane this year!!!

  93. Rob on
  94. Big deal. He did the right thing and stuck up for the little guy. Most of us would do the same.

  95. Kathy on
  96. WAY TO GO JR. Stand up to them , Integrity you have it!!!!!!!!!

  97. carroll on
  98. I have been a fan of yours since you first entered in to the Bush Class. The way you handled the Memphis Deal reinforced why I have the utmost respect for your moral values, and how you get your point across without putting down or hurting others. Your father must be proud of you as he watches you from HEAVEN.

  99. Susan Luster on
  100. I have eaten at The Rendevous in Memphis. I would agree with you about the ribs being the best. I appreciate and admire the fact that you stand up for what you believe is right.

  101. Ron Enders on
  102. That is pretty rude to do something like that to Dale Jr.!!!! Hello if you want Dale there then ask him what he wants DONE!!!!!That a boy Dale Jr.

  103. Maureen on
  104. America needs more people like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. You would be great in politics, but I fear you would be too good. Our Country needs people like you. You are obviously for the little guy; and there are many many of us. If I suggest you run for office and later the Presidency, you will consider me a bully…WRONG! Look how people love and adore you, respect you, want to follow you…….YOU are our man Jr. only you don’t want to believe this. These many comments have said it all. However, I say 2010 will be your year……but, I wish you all the best for 2009; in health, happiness and all you wish for. God bless you real good and may He send you to New York end of ’09 as a pre-Christmas blessing to all your faithful fans. We love you with all our hearts, Dale, which is why you are winning the NASCAR Most Popular Driver Award every year. A day doesn’t go by without a vote for Dale Jr!

  105. dyno donnie on
  106. go Junior stick up for your favorite place and don’t let them use your name without permission

  107. Smokie on
  108. YOU GO DALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Harriet on
  110. Hey…is anyone else bothered by all NASCAR memoriablia being made in China? I want America to get back their jobs and make all our racing “stuff” right here in AMERICA. I love Dale with all my heart and I buy anything Dale…Now I’m mad…no one is for us,the people. While the CEOs and big company hotshots sell us out into another country, we loose. Their houses get bigger and ours go back to the bank….Something is wrong here…What do the good ole boys say??Getting tired of losing our rights? I am….time to fight back.

  111. BadBob on
  112. Dale Jr. does not have a problem saying what he means and I applaud him for that. It is refreshing to have someone stand up to Nascar and others instead of letting everybody run all over them and being a yes person.

  113. Memphisgirl on
  114. I happen to know the lame person responsible for causing this mishap w/ the Memphis Motorsports Group was fired last week. :-)
    As a big JR fan, I hope they can reconcile differences and if he isn’t racing on Oct. 24 here, then perhaps he will still be comfortable attending the race.

    The fans here would love to meet him.

    What a whiner. They made him an offer in the media to get him to run. It is done all the time. Just as Indy Car offered a million to anyone who could do a one off race in the final race and win. No one was USING him. Besides anyone in Memphis knows the Rendezvous is a tourist spot, real Memphians eat at Central BBS .

    Rendezvous is a tourist joint. Memphians would rather eat at places like Central BBQ any day of the week.

  115. Ncrdbl1 on
  116. No one used his name without permission. They made him an offer. He chose not to take them up.

    What i find interesting is that later Jr was part of a group which was buying this same track . He played along until the last minute and then pulled out of the group for no reason causing the track to shut it’s doors..

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