Dale Earnhardt Jr Makes Right Decision in Skipping Races

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Dale Earnhardt Jr will not compete in Saturday night’s Sprint Cup race at Charlotte. He will also skip the following race at Kansas.

Earnhardt suffered a concussion in the last-lap 25 car crash at Talladega last Sunday.

Dale Jr and Rick Hendrick have made the right decision in withdrawing from the 2 races, even though it means an end to Earnhardt’s championship hopes and an end to his 461 consecutive Cup starts.

Regan Smith will be behind the wheel of the No. 88 during Earnhardt’s absence.

This is not Earnhardt’s first concussion. The last time he did not reveal it to anyone until months later and continued to race even though he knew he was not at 100 percent.

This time he is putting the safety of his fellow competitors, as well as his own health and safety first. Even though it may mean fewer people attending the races and fewer people tuning in to watch on TV.

Dale Earnhardt Jr has done the right thing, and he will be back.

What do you think about Earnhardt’s decision, and how will it affect the race Saturday night?




71 Comments on Dale Earnhardt Jr Makes Right Decision in Skipping Races

  1. BOBBY on

  3. Mama Donia on
  4. This is really sad that it’s over for him to win the championship, but HIS HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, ABOVE ALL ELSE!!!!! GET WELL JUNE-BUG, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

  5. Mike on
  6. I am pround of him thinking of others I just wish Smoke had done the same thing Have A Great Day
    }> PHIL 4:13 <{

  7. Kathy Slagle on
  8. Dale, take care of you first. You will always be # 1 in my book. See you back in a few weeks.

  9. Bob Brown on
  10. Best of luck Jr. will miss watching you but you have to do the right thing, your health is more important than racing, too bad it was Tony Stewart that did this & it is a wonder that he did not kill some one. Hurry back when you are well. I will not be watching Nascar while you are gone. Take care of yourself. God bless you & I pray for you to get OK.

  11. Elaine Carclay on
  12. I Am Just So Upset And I Am So Sad For Jr, He Did So Good This Year And He Was Coming Back To Being the Race Car Driver He Was. But To Me His Health Is More Important Than Any Old Championship And I Am Praying For A Speedy Recovery. Jr Is My One And Only Driver And I Will Not Watch The Race Until He Gets Back In His 88 Car Where He Belongs. God Bless You Jr, Love Ya #1 Fan

  13. Sherri on
  14. Isn’t it too bad thatTony Stewart didn’t feel the same way about thiinking about the other drivers on that track when he tried to rattle someone’s cage. We support Dale’s decision – his health is ther most important along with a pat on the back with the concern of the safety of his fellow racers. Will watch again when Dale, Jr. is back. God Bless You Dale,Jr.


  15. Bill A Belt on

    The last race without an Earnhardt in the field was August 5, 1979 at Talladega.

  17. Sari bolnick on
  18. We will miss you Dale but it is definately the right decision, for your safety and the safety of the other drivers. We will get them next year!!! Your Daddy was my favorite driver and now my entire family yells for you!!! Look forward to seeing you back. Get better real soon!

    Junior was pretty hot after the Talladega race saying he didn’t like what was going on in the final laps.

  19. Charlene Kammer on
  20. Dale, Jr: you made the right decision to “sit out” the next two races and the best decision for you and your fellow competitors…….be sure to take as much time as it takes to be 100% healthy…..that is the most important !! Your complete health is more important than NASCAR right now. Take care and God Bless You…..it won’t be the same without you.

    Dale Jr. and Rick made the right decision for him to “sit out” the next two races as he could injure himself more seriously by not being 100%. Now I can make other plans for Saturday night as I will no have any interest in the race…………..not interesting in watching another driver in the number “88″. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in wishing you a FAST and SPEEDY recovery………

  21. Mary Lockhart on
  22. I think that Dale Jr. has made the right move, your health and safety comes first. I do feel bad that it will hurt him in the point standings, but your a good racer and there is always another year. Good Luck Dale and I hope your feeling better soon.

  23. Karen on
  24. Jr, we know you could have done it but we had lots rather have you in one piece and in good shape! Thanks for putting others first and get well soon! We need you! Come on down to Destin and recouperate and soak up some sun!

  25. SanBan on
  26. Dale, it’s the right thing! Your fans that get ALOT of crap (anyway)….will get PLENTY more, but it needs to be about you! But, I’m SO True Blue (Green & 88), I probably won’t even watch; just might start my Christmas shopping! I understand that it’s hard to have anyone drive your car, BUT – Ragan…REALLY?? I’m available & drive a mean Go-Kart!! Have your peps, call mine! ;D

    My prayers and thoughts are with you. I know this is difficult for you but you made the right move to stay out of the car till you are 100 percent. You are the best’!!!!!!!!!! You are my # 1 driver always.

  27. betty pierson on
  28. I agree with Bob Brown, You take care of yourself. We’ll be waiting for you!!! Will miss you like the dickines while you are gone!

  29. Mama Donia on
  30. I agree with Sherri 100%, Tony wasn’t thinking of the other drivers when he came down to block Mikie, I like Tony, but some times he can be really be selfish. The main thing is for Junior to get better, there is always another championship to run for and he has the best equipment and one of the best crew chiefs in the business. I just hope he can keep up his spirits and we’ll see him when he returns. Wednesday was one heck of a way for Jr. to spend his birthday, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JR, you know how much we all love you!!!!!!

  31. bonnie mccoy on
  32. junior we won’t be watching until you are back our prayers are with you .sure hope you are getting better nascar sucks so does hendricks you are always our #1

  33. Mavis on
  34. Too bad. I know he must be feeling bad, partly because of the concussion, partly because of missing races and partly because he’ll feel he’s disappointing the fans. Concussions are not something to fool around with and since it’s not his first he has to be more careful. He also has to think of his fellow drivers. As for the chase there is always next year.

  35. Mama Donia on
  36. Greg: You are sooooo right! Looks like all Nascar thinks about is “MONEY”, not the safety of the drivers!

  37. Carole on
  38. People on Yahoo Nascar are posting sickening, nasty remarks about Jr because of his getting a concussion and it’s ridiculous! They were the most ignorant people I’ve ever!!!!! I guarantee if this had happened to any other driver, they would not be making comments like that.

  39. Barb F on
  40. Dale Jr. get well soon see U back in a couple weeks.

  41. lady red on
  42. Thanks a lot Mr. Stewart for ruining not only Jr’s day but a lot of others as well. You with your mouth spouting on national TV that you aren’t going to block unless someone blocks you but your selfishness in winning at all costs have now injured someone. You are just lucky no one got killed with your wildness. Tony, you are a great driver, but your ego is getting the best of you. You are not the only one out there trying to win a championship and that pitiful apology doesn’t cut it. I hope you come in dead last and find out what it is like to have your chances ruined by a stupid gotta win attitude. We hear about football players now paying for all the concussions they got and now Jr. has that on his shoulders. He is right to sit out no matter how difficult. And Jr. being Jr. he is not thinking just of himself but his fellow drivers. Too bad Mr. Stewart didn’t think about that when he wrecked 25 cars because he was greedy. I am so angry I can barely write, but thankfully, Jr. will be ok and knows all of his fans stand behind him. I will not watch these two races and I hope Jr. fans will stay away from the tracks too and maybe something will be done about the asinie racing at these tracks. You can bet if Sr. were still alive Nascar would be listening and I hope they start listening now because they know without Jr. they won’t have much of a draw.

    I agree whole-heartedly with you! What is it going to take ….Mike Helton standing in front of the media saying “We’ve lost another driver?”
    FIX THIS Nascar!!!

    As long as Jr. is not out there on the track in that #88, I will NOT be watching!!
    Get better real soon Dale Jr. All of your many many fans are behind you all the way. Rest up, come back stronger and …”GO GIT EM!”!!!! :)

  43. lady red on
  44. That wasn’t racing, it was a damn demolition derby. The drivers want to race so let them race and forget about all this crap that injures and tears up millions of dollars in cars. If some fans go to races just to see wrecks they aren’t true fans, find your local demolition track and root for them!

  45. mike on
  46. Get out there and race JR! You may not have a lot of chances anyway to win a championship. This may be the best chance you get for the rest of your career. I am a huge fan of yours and your fathers. So suck it up and put your helmet on and DRIVE!!!!!!

  47. wes on
  48. if you wathed the replay you would had seen that tony was hit from behing by no other that micky waltrip.

    Get Well Dale. You will be back next year stronger! God be with you!

  49. wes on
  50. if you all would had watched the replay of the wreck you would had seen that tony was hit from behing by no other that mickie waltrip. i agree with dale and rick. i am a true nascar fan as i myself have family in nascar . to tony you took the responceabillate for the wrek ,but it wasn’t your fault. yeah dale jr is my drink and i’ll stand behing him any time. i also had meet his late father and what a great guy. see i used to work at watkins glen track and i now go there for the races in august . good luck dale and get well real soon .i will watch the races as like i said i am a true nascar fan and if you all were true nascar fan you would also watch the races.

    Mike we can’t encourage him to race with a concussion, that would be crazy! Let’s let him heal and return healthy!

    No, Tony was not hit from behind. Waltrip already had the nose of his car past Stewart’s rear bumper when Stewart made contact while trying to block.

    Peggy, that is what I am curious about. How many people will not be watching with Junior out?

  51. Ginny Lacey on
  52. our thoughts and prayers are with you Dale. Get lots of rest, hope to see you back soon. we love you DALE. Ginny & don

  53. Mama Donia on
  54. Tony, himself, said after the race that he was responsible for the wreck, he said he saw Mikie coming full steam and he, Tony, pulled down to block. Tony, that was one kind of idiot to do that, you know what was gonna happen and it did, 20 cars wrecked, Dale Jr. hurt and millions upon millions of dollars in cars torn up. Yet it seems NASCAR will not do anything about it, the cars all bunched up, knowing what will happen, I wish Nascar would cut something to make the cars not have as much speed and then let them get out there and race like the old days. You wouldn’t have all this bunched up stuff and wrecks, like the person said above, if people come to the race to see such as what happened Sunday, they don’t really know what real racing is all about, they need to go to a demolition derby type thing.

  55. AZomah on
  56. Rest and get well

    Rest and get completely well Jr. I for one will be watching the races. I know you will be also. Your concussion was not the fault of tv or the tracks, they do not deserve the punishment. I am anxious to see how Regan does, even though you chose him and have a good eye for driving talent. Please pass on to your Meemaw that she has alot of fellow grandmothers praying for you. Love Ya! Omah

  57. AZomah on
  58. Hope it is not to many RacingWin, Jr. would be ashamed and NASCAR really doesn’t care what the fans think or do anyway.

  59. Addie on
  60. I’m with you Kathy. Dale is my #1 and will remain my #1. Smart move Dale. Take real good care of yourself!

  61. martha putnam on
  62. take care of your health. a race is not worth a life. take pride in what you have done, and look forward to tomorrow. you are one of the good guys.

  63. TERRY on
  64. I think you should take the rest of the year off JUNIOR. No chance to win championship so take rest of year off the get ready for next year with the NEW CAR of 2013. GET WELL & HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  65. Bob Brown on
  66. That was a very nice writing, God bless you & & God bless Jr.

  67. Raydell Stufflet on
  68. Thank You Wes, Really all of you people must not have listened to the pre race show, when Rusty Wallace said even though Tony took complete responsibility for the crash he was not only at fault its pure and simple DEGA racing !!! I’m pretty sure that Tony didn’t not expect to cos the big wreck much less, geez, I think he was the one that was on his side,up in the air, with his car,
    Tony is a very responsible race driver, Selfish,,, Really…. like he is the only one that in that race not thinking of themselves to get to the front to win.. People. you really need to get a life !!!!!

  69. lady red on
  70. Because Tony pulled down in front of him….maybe you didn’t watch the replay the rest of us saw.

    dale you made the right choice your health comes first . we all staned by you on this one we all will be ther for you all the time get well soon

  71. rvmamma on
  72. Dale as a mother of two sons, I agree with all you said after the race at Talladaga.
    Nothing is worth losing your life are your good health. Lots of good wish and prayers. Take care of yourself . You have millions of loyal fans and they will stick to you through thick & thin. Keep your head up and chin high.

  73. Chelle on
  74. It’s very unfortunate that Jr has to miss the next
    two races. I’m very thankful he is putting others
    health and safety first . I’m sure his health is of
    great importance to himself also. I think all these
    drivers need to put safety first above and beyond all
    things before someone gets killed.
    You take care and get plenty of rest Jr. You
    have much more good races to be won !!!
    Don’t be discouraged my friend . God is with you
    Always !!!!!! -__- God bless you and stay positive.
    Your friend, Michelle

  75. Misty on
  76. Rest well my friend, you’ve made us proud all year and like you’ve said before “my story hasn’t been written yet”, there are many more years ahead to win the championship. We hope you enjoyed your birthday and I’m sure your buddy, Tony, wishes you all the best too. Accidents happen, Tony never meant to hurt JR and JR knows this, it’s racing and accidents do happen. Rest up, we’ll root for Regan to show our respect for you. Really gonna miss ya but you do what’s best for you and your fans will understand.

    When one suffers a concussion they are normally held out of the next event or until cleared by the medical staff, I totally agree with Jr. even if it means an end to this years chance to win the championship. To many football players played with the same injury and have stated their regrets after a few years. Next year Jr. will try again.

    Junior will be there to support his team and fans — even though he is not driving. His fans need to be there to support him.

    I can tell you one thing, I want be watching the next 2 races, It is no fun without Dale Jr racing. I just hate that he will loose his chance in the chase. But his health is more important. Will be praying for you Junebug. Get well. Gonna miss you. Racing want be the same, so I will tune in 3 weeks from now,

  77. Deborah on
  78. I agree with Jr if he says he needs to be out for 2 races i think he is a grown man and knows whats best for him and the other drivers.Take care of yourself and we will see you in winners circle in 3 weeks. GOD BLESS YOU

  79. Susie Powell on
  80. We all know he would rather be racing, but he is definitely doing the right thing!!! His health comes above all else and it is honorable that he is considering the safety of his fellow drivers!! Take care, JR. and God Bless!!!

  81. Kerry Herman on
  82. won’t watch it I got of things I can do. If he’s not racing. What’s the point.

  83. Mama Donia on
  84. Mike, don’t know what you are thinking, it would be crazy for Jr. to get out there on that race track, one lick or something putting him in the wall, could kill him instantly. The main thing is for Jr. to get healty again, then the racing will be there for him. During the news comference, you could see the sadness in Jr’s eyes, he was very very upset, us true fans will always be there for Jr. and we now give him any and all support we can. During qualifying tonight, when Jr’s car came out on the track, it was really really hard for me, I had tears well up in my eyes, can you’ll have any idea how hard it must have been on Jr., so all I can say, I’ll watch Saturday Night but wont like it. My family loves you Jr., take care of yourself and get well soon, we’ll always be there for you!!!!!

  85. Karen on
  86. I believe that Dale Jr made the right decision to see the doctor after he realized that something was wrong. True fans will support him through this because we want him racing for years to come. Also Dale Jr fans should watch the race to show support to the #88 team who will still have to work just as if he was driving the car. I am sure that he would want us to do this for him and the team!

  87. Junebugn2 on
  88. Hi JR. Soooo sorry that you ended up with a concussion from that last lap wreck I was so in hopes that we might see a plate race with out the big one during the last 10 laps. I am going to miss watching you race these next 2 races but do hope that you are well before you come back to the race track. I am 72 years young and you have been my favorite driver for many years. I will watch the race to see how Ragen Smith does, but it won’t be the same. There is always next year and I am pulling for you, and I have been so pleased with the way you have been racing.We will wait for you and we will see you when you are well again and able to drive. So Get Well JR & God’s Speed

  89. Raydell Stufflet on
  90. so I guess Lady red on,, what your saying is oh Tony woke up that morning,and said to self I’m going to wreck 1/2 the field at the end of the race if I get up front and oh if someone gets hurt thats just too bad…!! Really guess If it was your favorite driver and he would have done that your would not be bad mouthing them. You people are unreal in the blame game,, Its DEGA racing and we all know that the big one is going to happen at the end just never know who will be all involved. Not only are there JR fans at the races Lady.. there alot of other faithful fans for other DRIVERS !!!! UNREAL !!!

  91. Sandra on
  92. Dale:
    Get Better Soon. Happy Belated Birthday, this past Wednesday: Oct.10, 2012.
    I hope NASCAR will take heart in your comments before and after the race.
    NASCAR needs to do away with the COT car, put stock cars back on the track but with the safety inside the cars of today. We have to get them to redesign the bumper do away with the spliter. We need to be able to get the cars to be able to pass without someone pushing or wanting to settle for second.
    NASCAR needs to start listen to drivers like yourself, Kyle Busch and the rest of them. I emailed NASCAR about changes have to come soon or there will be a time when they will not see nobody in the stands at the tracks. The fans, NASCAR Brian France can not relate what it is like in a race car. It is like being a truck driver on the highway. Have all these rules DOT makes but they have no idea what it is like behind a wheel of a big rig. Another example: Someone has cancer unless you been through it you can’t understand. And it is time for NASCAR to listen to the drivers.
    Get better, and I am behind you 1000%, first of all get 100% better and do what your doctor tells you to do. We love you, and next year you can go after that championship. Let your nieces nurse Uncle Dale. Killer can get your newspapers. Let people around you wait on you, take it easy. If it takes two weeks, two months, rest of the year….Get better. Your fans will always support you and love you. We want you around for a long time.

    Love Ya
    Sandra ( Sissy Hulan ) Sorrells

  93. J. V. HARM on

    I think we need to support Dale, he will be there supporting the team and fans.

  95. lady red on
  96. No, Tony woke up that morning saying he was going to win at all costs…and cost it did, a serious injury and probably a lot more racers banged up that aren’t saying anything. TONY DIDN’T GET A CONCUSSION….he just caused another one BY PULLING DOWN INTO WALTRIP AND NOT GETTING HIT FROM BEHIND…DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WATCHED BUT EVERYONE ELSE SAW IT AND TONY ADMITTED IT ON TV…this hurts Nascar and the smaller teams that can’t afford to lose cars and sponsors…Waltrip lost 3, Hendrick lost 3 and some of the smaller teams lost what they had.
    Put the blame where it belongs and by all means go watch your favorite driver, that is what the sport is about but get your facts straight and not make out like Tony did nothing wrong. Guess you’d like to see another Dale Sr. wreck….If anything is unreal it is your idea of racing, you evidently like to see the carnage.

  97. sally dawson on
  98. Dale, u know all the drivers. No one intentionally goes out to wreck their cars and hurt any of the drivers. Blame should not be on anyone. The drivers all know when they go out on the track it could be any one of them. It is a very forgiving sport.

    Please take care and do what the drs. say. I’m sure ur mother has said the same thing. We all love u and want to see u win the championship but not at any cost. A sincere fan,

    from what Dale jr said in his interview, he would not be there at the track, so I think you are wrong, racing win.I know I am not watching it. It is on right now, and my husband is watching, but not me. I won”t watch until Jr is back in his 88 car. When I was watching the news about 6:30 this evening, there was a flash across the bottom of the t v screen that said something like attendence was down at the race track, can’t remember how it was worded. But what they meant was there was a lot of empty seats. I live in Kannapolis, NC, Jr’s home town. we went to the race last year, but not this year. The speedway is not far from me.

  99. Gary McKeown on
  100. Don’t blame anyone except NASCAR, that type of racing of pushing another car to get higher speeds to pass is totally crazy. You know there is going to be a bad miss hap and someone is going to get hurt. Jr. you made the right decision, and we will always support you, what ever you pursue, get well soon.

  101. Mama Donia on

  103. Sandy on
  104. I guess you didn’t hear tony stewart the week before about him getting even with the other driver that ticked him off that week, that he was going to get even. Maybe you should listen to all the things he says. Well he did it for sure. 25 cars, just because he’s a butt head. Jr Nation wants Jr around he’s a great racer, Tony Stewart just doesn’t care, used to like him, but aftera few of his comments about Dale Jr and him wrecking drivers on purpose, maybe he should stay in the back and not be allowed to move up at all or go to his other races he’s in and stay out of Nascar.

  105. Sandy on
  106. The next one could Kill him, you aren’t very smart are you.
    Have you ever had a concusion? I have.
    Get a life man.

    I believe the people that won’t go to a race or watch a race until Jr comes back is down right foolish and it is NOT what Jr would want. I am a big fan of Jr, but I am also a NASCAR fan. I want Jr to race again when he is healthy. But if he could not come back then I would suport his cars. I don’t think he would leave the sport. I would rather have him alive than hurt in another wreck.

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