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The 2008 Chevrolet Impala SS may not have 800 horsepower like Dale Earnhardt Jr’s NASCAR race car, but it’s 5.3 L V8 has plenty of punch.

The small block V8 engine cranks out 303 horsepower.

An aluminum block saves weight and improves cornering and handling ability while creating a rigid engine assembly that reduces vibration and operates smoothly.

While Junior’s Impala SS may only get 5 to 7 MPG, the Impala SS that you can buy at the dealership gets 16 city MPG, and 24 highway MPG -- thanks to Chevy’s Active Fuel Management system.



Dale Jr’s throttle control is his right foot, but your Impala comes with an Electronic Throttle Control which eliminates the traditional rod that connects the accelerator with the fuel system -- and replaces it with an electronic control that is much more accurate.


The heads on Earnhardt’s engine are tuned for extreme competition by NASCAR’s top engine builders. While the heads on your street version will be considerably milder, they still have a pent-roof design coupled with flat-top pistons for maximum horsepower -- the Impala SS heads are the same ones used on the Corvette Z06.

The SS comes with a distinctive rear spoiler that looks very similar to the one on Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Car of Tomorrow -- just without the side winglets.

A performance-tuned suspension provides crisp handling on the streets. The car has a stiffer sports car like ride -- but it’s not set up to qualify at Talladega.

A 34mm front stabilizer bar combined with a stiff spring rate help the Impala SS tackle twisty roads with ease.

While it doesn’t come with Goodyear racing slicks, the Impala SS is equipped 18 in performance tires with a W speed rating for sustained high-speed driving.

The Impala SS is equipped with On Star for quick communication during an emergency -- you can even have your doors unlocked by remote control.

It’s the next best thing to having Tony Eury Jr on your pit box.


The sound system comes complete with an iPod jack, and satellite Radio so that you can listen to Dale Earnhardt Jr’s show on XM.
There are a few other creature comforts
you can get on your Impala SS that Dale Jr doesn’t have on his.

Things like:

Heated front bucket seats

Leather wrapped steering wheel

Remote starter

Aluminum wheels

Air conditioning

Power windows & locks
And 1 thing Junior would love to have, but NASCAR won’t allow -- Traction Control.

Dale Jr’s car may be a rear wheel drive, but the Impala SS you’ll find on the showroom is a front wheel drive car.

Gear heads will say that no V8 should be front wheel drive -- but Chevrolet’s competition are cars like the Honda Accord and Nissan Maxima. That’s the reason the Chevy engineers came up with a front wheel drive design.

When you fire the engine on a street Impala SS it has a throaty roar -- not the same as when someone says “Gentlemen Start Your Engines” -- but enough to know the performance is there.

You can buy the 2008 Chevrolet Impala SS at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet in Newton, NC, or at Rick Hendrick’s City Chevrolet in Charlotte -- or just head down to your local Chevy dealer.
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