Chad Knaus Suspension Overturned

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Jimmie Johnson Gets Points Back

Chad Knaus will not have to serve the 6 race suspension imposed by NASCAR after the No. 48 Chevrolet of Jimmie Johnson failed pre-race inspection for the Daytona 500.

Jimmie Johnson will also get 25 points back that he was docked by NASCAR following the violation.

Knaus had been suspended and fined $100,000 for the incident, while Johnson was penalized with a loss of 25 Championship points.

NASCAR Chief Appellate Officer John Middlebrook heard an appeal by the No. 48 Hendrick Motorsports team and reversed the penalties imposed by NASCAR.

The penalties were previously unanimously upheld by a NASCAR appeals board, and this was the team’s last chance at overturning the penalty.

Middlebrook is a retired General Motors executive who serves as NASCAR’s version of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. One person with little if any experience officiating races has overturned the findings of NASCAR’s officials and their appeals board.

This decision only serves to make NASCAR look bad, and their rules to look meaningless.

It will only encourage more cheating going forward.

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62 Comments on Chad Knaus Suspension Overturned

  1. Dean on
  2. i’m not shocked………lol

  3. WIN! on
  4. I don’t even like the #48 team, but this is the biggest racing win ever. I work in racing, and if you could understand the fact that the team was penalized for breaking no rules then you’d understand why this should have never happened.

    If there were a rule that said what they did was wrong then fine they are guilty.

    If NASCAR said we don’t like that C-pillar and they put the car on the track, guilty.

    The bottom line is the car fit the templates, weights were within limts, and all other guidelines were met. The only fault is that NASCAR didn’t like it. Therefore the 48 team isn’t guilty of anything but finding a hole in the rules. Which I’m sure NASCAR will close with either a modification to the template, or an addendum to the rules.

  5. john on
  6. If the NASCAR ruling was just “eye balled” , it should not hold up.. If they can’t prove an infraction, let them race after it was corrected.

  7. stash on
  8. Just another reason that the stadiums are about 1/2 full. Why have a board to begin with if all you have to do is appeal and know it will be overturned. You can bet if a racer like Robby Gordon was fined, it would stick. But we must suck up to the stars.

  9. Marla on
  10. Glad to hear it, let’s get back to racing!

  11. Rose on
  12. not surprised, just because its Johnson its okay anyone else would have gotten fined suspended nd anything else they can think of.

    I don’t think it is right to let them change the penalties. I think Jimmie should loose the 25 points, but not Jeff Gordon, and I think, Chad should not be able to be in the pit box for the 6 weeks. if they get by with it again, who knows what they will do next. Anybody esle would have gotton the book thrown at them. The reason I don’t think Jeff should be penalized is because I don’t think he knew anything about it. If he was going to rigg a car,I think it would have been the 24 not the 48..

  13. Paul on
  14. First off, I am not a fan of Jimmie Johnson or Chad Knaus since they ve cheated so many times before. I knew Hendrick would get some of it knocked off and he always get his way. To bring someone in from a BIG CORP. and have the final say to me is wrong. NASCAR should be able to decide what is to be done, not someone that get paid only 1 dollar/year to hear a case. Also, Rick said this car been driven in other races last year and never had any problem, but hey, the car been sitting in the shop for 3 months (Nov, Dec. and Jan) before they headed off to Daytona and tell me that someone can’t do something to it (C-post) but hitting it a little bit to make it faster for the car. Chad had been known to cheat a lot and I really feel that he and Jimmie did not deserve those 5 championships. Also, if you remember what Chad said to Jimmie when one of the races was almost over and if Jimmie was to win the race, hit something real hard in the rear (and we all know what that mean, something wasn’t right and for Jimmie to hit the wall before going to the winner circle). Nascar, keep an eye on Jimmie/Chad as they are bound to do more after May as Chad is an idiot.

  15. Mama Donia on
  16. I am totally surprised, after the last ruling I didn’t think Chad and Jimmie had a chance for this to be overturned. I think it was Kyle Petty that said something to the effect that “no rules had been broken because the car never made it to the track”, I think NASCAR was loking for something from Chad because of some of the fines and etc. that have been done before to the #48. I’m really happy for Chad and Jimmie!!!!!

  17. Ray on
  18. Chad and Jimmy, need any thing else be said, lol

  19. Bubba on
  20. You know nothing about racing or this incident. This is a GREAT message to Nascar Officials who interpret their rules on the fly.

  21. Bubba on
  22. Classless and arrogant.

  23. Bubba on
  24. Great decision!!!! Better still if NASCAR Officials get the message that they are not Gods and can no longer make up rules on the fly….!!!!!! The problem is not the racers, it is the league implementing cookie cutter rules to retard vision and development. Compounding problems by forcing pack racing, blocking and bumper car mentality. The car of tomorrow may be safer and drive like a tank, but don’t tell me it is reducing costs with all the torn up cars caused by pack racing. The stands may be empty soon as some have commented but it is not due to teams winning or “cheating” it is because there are no stars, dominating various races and tracks. No rivals…etc. Anyone listening????

  25. Mama Donia on
  26. I AGREE BUBBA!!!!!

  27. Mama Donia on

  29. Rita Hawkins on
  30. Well, I’m not surprised, but it doesn’t make it right. I don’t know who gets by with more. Him or Kyle Bush!!

  31. James Quick on
  32. Remember this, all you {FANS}. The car never made it on the track, it never raced. Just because, someone said they didn’t liked the way it LOOKED. Come one people get real.

    I saw the NASCAR guys about 6 of them trying to find anything and everything wrong the the #48 car in Phoenix. AND THAT WAS JUST BY LOOKING AT IT!

  33. Mick on
  34. So, am I to believe there was nothing wrong with the car? How confusing!

  35. Ellen on
  36. Right on, Bubba and I agree with you!!!

  37. Donna on
  38. Doesn’t Chad have some connection to John Middlebrook?

  39. Ellen on

  41. AZomah on
  42. Can we now get back to racing! Puleeze!! GO Jr.

  43. Vicki on
  44. On the other hand, why have an appeal board if you know that they are going to go aif you know that they are just going to confirm what NASCAR says no matter what?

  45. doughbelly on
  46. I totally agree,

  47. doughbelly on
  48. Nascar is getting totally boreing, we need some Earnhardts,Petty’s,Allisons, an yarbroughs an some nascar cars of the 70′s.then lets go racing!!!

  49. carole on
  50. his connection is probable money. money talks

  51. Merle on
  52. I am in total agreement with #48 and Cahd………


  55. lanny hatton on
  56. nascar said dont mess with the body chad did he brakes the rules all the time that was a deversion far how he is really cheating.

  57. goldie on
  58. A lot of good opinions, but I can’t help but think about two things. #l that they had run this setup several times before and passed and if so, was this not considered cheating and #2 it was reported that Hendrick and the man making the final decision were “friends”….and so it goes….

  59. Renata on
  60. Not pleased by this. I’m sorry. I don’t actually have anything against Jimmie Johnson, but I do not care for Chad Knaus. I think he is a cheater and he just got away with it again. JMO.

  61. WIN! on
  62. He didn’t get away with anything! The car never made it onto the track. NASCAR required the team to cut two portions of the car body off of the car, and spend hours replacing them before even getting a chance to go out.

    If you only knew the real cheating that went on in NASCAR before things like tech inspections existed.

    Just remember Rick Hendrick is a BIG car dealer including Chevy. He has the clout with GM and where did the guy come from that reviews the appeals. Richard Childress did’.t have that clout. Chad will just keep doing what he wants.

    Hey Win!

    It does not matter whether or not the car made it to the track.

    Teams are required to submit a legal car to pre-race inspection.

    The No. 48 team did not.

    Not that I know of. What connection is that?

    Whether or not the car made it on the track is not an issue. Has not been for a long time.

    This really goes back to Talladega last year when Chad told Jimmie to crack the back of the car on the burnout if he won. Just invited NASCAR scrutiny.

    If there was nothing wrong with the car why is Chad still fined $100,000?

    The grandstands are half -full because corporate sponsors are no longer spending the money on entertainment for their clients.

    Not because interest in NASCAR is falling.

    When the economy picks up NASCAR attendance will too.

  63. AZomah on
  64. RacingWin the conection is that Middlebrook and Hendrick have been friends for along time! That is why I said lets’ go back to racing! Someone screwed up and now they are trying to cover up! My favorite driver once said that everyone pushed the envelope, heck with this, let us go racing, those that have pushed the envelope to far will at some time or another pay the price!

  65. Bob on
  66. I think I can live without Nascar as I have been fed up with the way Helton runs races, if your name is Johnson or Knaus do away with the rules, I remember a couple of years ago Helton said that the 48 was almost illegal but did nothing, how is a car almost illegal, once again Johnson & Knaus. I just hope more & more people stop attending Nascar races, I for one will never attend again.

  67. Paul on
  68. Last weekend in Bristol, I think people are getting the message and staying away from Nascar races. It a shame, because Nascar used to be fun to watch, but now it all cry babies and people who don’t get their ways, they are spoiled, even the big ones like Hendrick. Also, the Busch brothers.. Man if only Earnhardt was still here..

  69. Ed Sims on
  70. I don’t understand NASCAR rules. It did not go through teck. If you do not like the way a car looks before teck tell them to fix it and if they come back and go through teck with same car then fine them. The news meady call every thang cheating. Every since racing set up car rules they they have bending them THAT’S all the teams. We could have NASCAR build 50 cars have the teams draw staws and put there numbers on them and race.To days NASCAR car safe and the drivers over drive them. So to win is 85 per sent LUCK 15 per sent driver. That’s my 2 cents worth

  71. Debbie (Walters) Cull on
  72. It would sure help though if the tracks lowered the price for tickets. I would love to attend races but it’s too pricey for most families in these economic times.

  73. Paul on
  74. I think Rick Hendrick had some connection to Middlebrook.

  75. Mary on
  76. You are so right! If a Grandma (me) could see that the 17 made it to the start line before the leader, why didn’t NASCAR see it, not once but twice???????

  77. Mary on
  78. The 48 team has been under a microscope by NASCAR for the last decade!!!!

  79. Mary on
  80. You Go Mama!!!!!!!!!

  81. Mary on
  82. The car never made it to pre-race inspection!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Mary on
  84. I think all the above comments show the dedication and loyalty of NASCAR fans. Whether or not you’re a fan of the #48 team, doesn’t really matter. The fans are what matters and you’ve all shown your commitment to NASCAR. GO FANS!!!!!!!! And, I must add GO JIMMIE!!!!!!!!!

  85. Bob Owensby on
  86. I agree 100% with you Paul. Johnson is nothing but a CRY BABY. He always wins with NASCAR.

  87. Mama Donia on
  88. Greg: Why then is it such a big issue to Nascar if Kyle Petty said it on National TV on Sunday Morning that no rules had been broken by Jimmie and Chad?

  89. karen on
  90. Hey to all!!! I am torn with the final say. On one hand it appeared like cheating but on the other hand it appeared not.

    I sure don’t want to see any one favoured and Jimmy takes a lot of flack for winning so many titles – which is so unfair.

    I would like to see EVERY car tested because you’ll find ‘oh no’ who else was cheating.

    I do agree with Kyle Petty that the car was NOT on the track, yet then I find myself saying that he was in the garage.

    I do believe this will back fire when some one else is not only caught cheating but proven and fine’d.

    I am a Mike Helton fan BUT I HAVE NEVER BEEN A NASCAR FAN – THE ORGANIZATION. Have no respect for those who are in that organization. THIS DIS-RESPECT! GOES BACK MANY MANY YEARS FOR ME. Guess that makes me ‘older’ !

    The best thing that has happen’d in NASCAR in yearsssssssssssss is Mike Helton.

    I believe Jimmy will unfairly be ‘boo’d’ this week.

    OK. On to the next sauga – I mean race. lol

    This will be ‘huge topic’ all season.

  91. jo-jr on
  92. those 5 so -called championships, will for ever be tainted! to much cheating with knous! no more ,waisting our money on the races! never been a fan of j j !

  93. The Aqua Buddha on
  94. So, Hendrick speaks at Middlebrook’s retirement from GM, they have a more than 20 year business relationship together, and this guy is allowed to make decisions?

    My brother said it is kind of like having the Supreme Court overturn a piece of legislation and then allowing an appeal to the president for the final, final verdict. “Mom said that since I didn’t clean my room I couldn’t go to the Monster Truck Races. Wait! I can ask dad! He’ll let me go …”

    Middlebrook should have recused himself and NASCAR should have found someone else (Maybe someone with legal experience) to handle the final appeal.

    It’s a sham. NASCAR gets to look tough by pounding in infractions and then they soothe the ruffled feathers during the appeals process.

  95. Steve L. on
  96. The same car body was used for the 3-4 plate races before and Hendrick had written proof that NASCAR passed it in all of those inspections. Also it was said that a handfull of other teams had to fix the C pillars and they didn’t get anything at all.

  97. Steve L. on
  98. Oh and by the way, to me that’s not cheating what they did, it was trying to get an aero advantage while still fitting the template. Cheating would be coming with a bigger engine, too light of a car, putting left side tires on the right or the rights on the left or both or lefts all around or rights all around. I’m not a 48 fan by any means, but not a hater either. It just seemed like it was way to harsh. I think if they had to do something then it should have been 4 race suspension, $75,000 fine and no points taken away.

  99. Mama Donia on
  100. You’ll talk about cry babies, Jimmie is a true gentleman. CARL EDWARDS and JACK ROUSH are the cry babies and NASCAR always cater to them!!!!!

    Kyle also said there was no way Middlebrook would overturn this, but he seems to have changed his story now.

  101. Judie Hanson on
  102. If they needed somebody to hear the final appeal,it should never be a close friend/business associate with alot of power to get what they want.To me that’s totally wrong. There’s no way the man was going to do anything ,but kiss ass. I don’t like them either, but it speaks for itself when its the only car in the garage with that infraction.So does that mean everyone else can do the samething at some point, not get penalized. I don’t think so!!! Some get by with alot,others don’t.

  103. kathryn dean on
  104. look if nascar officals are there for car inspections only then why aint they looking at the cars after each race . the cars change after the races so much that they need inspection again what about letting the guys do their thing and quit trying to fine them for every little infraction.they make money from the fans anyway

  105. Cheryl on
  106. Michigan International Speedway lowered their Nationwide ticket price last yr from $50 to $40. I know its only $10 but they are trying to help fill the stands. Also I think they have a family pack price to that is really good.

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