Montoya Wins as Johnson Spins at the Glen

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Juan Montoya took NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series drivers to school Sunday afternoon at Watkins Glen, showing everyone how road course racing was done. It didn’t hurt that Montoya’s No. 42 Chevrolet had an Earnhardt Childress Racing power plant under the hood. Those engines have been bullets all season long.

Montoya led 74 of 90 laps in the Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at The Glen. The fastest car doesn’t always win, but today it did.

“Yeah, I think it’s nice,” an exalted Montoya said about the dominating win.” We executed right. I think we did what we had to all day. We ran really smart. I think yesterday we had a good talk with Chip. Last few weeks have been really frustrating for the whole team because we’ve been so close to victory. Seemed to keep slipping away.”

“To come out here today and get the job done the way we did today, it was big. I feel more relieved than happy right now. It’s been a really hard road in a way. It’s been a lot of fun. It’s been frustrating. To finally get that first win for Brian, I think it’s good. I think we can really focus on just getting the job done.”

The win was Montoya’s 2nd career Sprint Cup victory. His first coming at Sonoma in 2007 at NASCAR’s other Sprint Cup road course.

Winning crew chief Brian Pattie was nearly speechless following the win. “It’s huge,” said Pattie, who blamed himself for a recent near miss at Indy when a decision to take 4 tires on a late race pit stop likely cost Montoya a win at the Brickyard.

Johnson and Hamlin Crash

2 championship contenders were involved in a crash on lap 72. Jimmie Johnson was on the outside of the No. 31 of Jeff Burton when the 2 made contact sending Johnson’s No. 48 into the outside retaining wall before being collected by Hamlin’s No. 11 Toyota. Hamlin and Johnson are 6th and 5th respectively in the point standings following today’s race.

“It’s so stupid. We’re not even racing for the win, we’re racing for 8th or 10th,” said a frustrated Denny Hamlin.

Tony Stewart Delivers a Message

Tony Stewart sent Boris Said a message that he wasn’t going to be pushed around when Said drove his No. 83 Toyota to the outside and nearly put Stewart’s No. 14 Chevy in the grass on lap 67. Stewart was shoved nearly off the racetrack by Said and when Stewart finally refused to give the final inch Said’s car was sent spinning into the steel guardrail.

“The 14 dumped us,” said Said’s spotter over the teams 2 way radio following the crash. But Stewart had no other choice. He was simply out of asphalt and had nowhere to go.

“Some idiot tries to run us straight off the racetrack. I’m gonna hold my line,” said Stewart immediately following the crash. Stewart did exactly what he was supposed to do.

Dale Earnhardt Jr scored another 26th place finish in today’s race. How much longer does this have to go on before Mr. Hendrick decides to do something about it? Or does he even care?

Marcos Ambrose looked to be the only driver with a shot at chasing down Montoya as the final laps ticked off. That is until Montoya radioed in that he felt he had a tire going down.

“Some idiot tries to run us straight off the racetrack. I’m gonna hold my line.” ~ Tony Stewart

It looked for a while that there might be a late race caution to give everyone one last shot at Montoya. The No. – car had a flat tire and was putting chunks of rubber in the racetrack. At the same time Robby Gordon’s engine let go sending a cloud of smoke into the air – but apparently no fluid could be spotted on the racing surface. I’ve seen a lot of cautions thrown for a lot less.

Montoya has been on the verge of victory several times recently. Now that he has sealed the deal look for him to repeat.

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Brad Keselowski Won’t Back Down

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During driver introductions  this Sunday at Bristol drivers will come onto the stage to a song that they picked out.

Do you know what song Brad Keselowski chose?

Tom Petty’s I Won’t Back Down.

A message for Carl Edwards?

Dale Earnhardt Jr SI List

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Dale Earnhardt Jr Named to SI Fortunate 50 List

Sports Illustrated has released its Fortunate 50 List. The sporting equivalent of the Fortune 500.

Dale Earnhardt Jr ranks 11th on this year’s list. He is the highest earning NASCAR driver.

Earnhardt’s earnings were $26,611,290 in 2009 according to the article. Most of that came from endorsement contracts, and not from his Hendrick Motorsports salary or NASCAR winnings.

What do you think about that? Not bad for a kid from Kannapolis who used to be an oil change tech at the local Chevy dealership, is it?

Obama Backs Down From NASCAR Flyover Ban

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Obama Backs Down From NASCAR Flyover Ban

It looks like President Obama will not be so quick to ban NASCAR flyovers after all.

Obama is finally listening to you the NASCAR fans. When you said you wanted to keep the flyovers the President heard you loud and clear.

He went out of his way to talk about flyovers in a meeting with several NASCAR drivers Wednesday. Here is what Obama said:

“NASCAR is about a lot more than just racing cars.  It’s about supporting our troops and our veterans, from flyovers and red, white and blue paint jobs on Memorial Day to your visits to Walter Reed and Iraq and Afghanistan that show our appreciation for the brave men and women who are serving our country.”

Thank you for all your comments. NASCAR fans have made one Change in America.

Andretti Driving Indy for Petty

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Andretti Driving for Richard Petty in Indy 500

Richard Petty is headed to Indy with John Andretti. Richard Petty Motorsports will field a car to be driven by Andretti in the Indy 500.

Petty and Andretti have won together before. Andretti drove for Petty Enterprises in the NASCAR Cup series from 1998 to 2003. He has also driven cars for A.J. Foyt, Cale Yarborough and DEI.

Andretti has competed in nine previous Indy 500 races. His best finish is 5th. In 1994 Andretti did double-duty, racing in the Indy 500 and then flying to Charlotte to race in the Coca Cola 600 on the same day.

Richard Petty Motorsports does not currently field a car in the Indy Racing League, so this looks like a one off deal to run Indy

NASCAR Called Daytona 500 Too Soon

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NASCAR Not doing Enough to Assure Green Flag Finishes

When the Daytona 500 was declared over by NASCAR the winner wasn’t crossing the finish line — he was sitting in his covered car on a rain soaked pit road.

NASCAR had plenty of time to dry the track and restart the race. Sure, it would mean a late night for all involved. But this is big time auto racing — it’s the Daytona 500.

It shouldn’t end on a judgment call.

NASCAR’s has made every attempt to get a race in before. Remember what happened at Kansas in 2007 when the race was stopped and restarted  twice for rain. That race eventually had to be called due to darkness. But Kansas has no lights. At Daytona the lights were already turned on.

So what if the race has to run until midnight. I’m sure most NASCAR fans would have still watched it.

Instead Matt Kenseth is left with a victory in a race he never led a lap in until being credited with one by crossing the start finish line under caution.

This race is left with no real winner.

NASCAR owes it to it’s fans, drivers team owners and sponsors to do everything it can to finish the race — and finish it under green. Even if it means re-starting the race at an inconvenient time.

I’m guessing the only people happy about this outside of Roush Racing are Matt Kenseth fans.

I would like to know what input Fox TV executives had in calling the race. I’m sure they  didn’t want to disrupt their Sunday night prime time lineup. But I hope a Fox executive didn’t decide who won the Daytona 500.

So, what do you think. Did NASCAR make the right call?

Dale Jr Says Hotels Gouging NASCAR Fans

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Stop Gouging Race Fans

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Says Hotels Gouging Fans and Tracks not Doing Enough

Do you think race track owners are doing enough for NASCAR fans these days? Apparently Dale Earnhardt Jr. doesn’t think they are.

Earnhardt is tired of race fans getting soaked by high ticket prices, high hotel prices and minimum stays at hotels on race weekends. Bruce Martin at reported that Junior voiced his displeasure with track operators during a break in a recent TV commercial shoot.

Junior is not happy that drivers are getting the blame for a lack of ticket sales. “The race track owners want drivers to do more? Yeah, right. They need to go back to work,” said Earnhardt.

Track operators have ridden the NASCAR Gravy Train for the past few years with NASCAR’s popularity at an all time high. “They forgot what it’s like to sell tickets. That’s their problem. They ain’t had to sell tickets for a long time and none of them remember how or knew how or ever learned how.”

“They need to get back to working hard and doing their promotions and putting packages together for race fans. They don’t want to cut the ticket price but they probably should and get these hotels to quit gouging these people,” said Dale Jr. “Hotels near race tracks often jack their prices up 3 to 4 time the normal rate on race weekends – and many require 3 night minimum stays turning fans away who only want to spend one night and see the race.

“they probably should and get these hotels to quit gouging these people” — Dale Earnhardt Jr

An $80 hotel room can easily go for $300 when NASCAR is in town. Add a 3 night minimum and that comes to $900 for the weekend. If all you can afford is $80 for one night the hotel operators have 2 words for you: “Tough Luck.”

The track promoters need to get together with the hotel operators and come up with some affordable packages that include lodging and race tickets if they want to put race fans in the grandstands on Sunday afternoon.

“They can dump that responsibility on drivers all they want but the responsibility really lies in their hands to sell race tickets and they have to get creative in doing it,” said Dale Jr. “We already do a lot. We do [blanking] plenty and they are full of [bleep].”

So are you guys at the race track listening to this? What are you going to do to sell more tickets?

Race fans, what do you want to see?

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NASCAR Limo Being Sold for Charity

The Interstate Batteries Limo is being sold for charity. They claim it’s the second most photographed limousine in the world – behind the President’s car.

It’s a 1999 Pontiac Limo built by Coach Works especially for Interstate Batteries.

Inside it has a black and white checkered flag with a TV and bar. You can see photos of the interior here.

This would be a pretty cool car to go to the race track in – especially if you’re a Kyle Busch fan.

I think this is the only Pontiac limousine I’ve ever seen. They’re usually Cadillacs and Lincolns. But when this car was built Joe Gibbs Racing was competing in Pontiacs – and Bobby Labonte was the driver. So I guess that makes sense.

I wonder if there is an Amp No. 88 Limo – or a DuPont No. 24? If so I bet they could give this car a run for the money in The Most Photographed Limousine in the World category.

If you drive this car to the Daytona 500 I guarantee you can get a great parking spot.

The car is being sold on eBay by ClassicCarBuyer, and is located in Warrenton, Missouri.

See the Interstate Batteries Limo on eBay

Dale Earnhardt Jr Fan Club

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Dale Jr 2009 Fan Club

All you Kyle Busch fans out there might want to skip this, but the 2009 Dale Earnhardt Jr Official Fan Club is ready to roll.

Jr Nation Crew, The Official Fan Club of Dale Earnhardt Jr Fan Club, has just released the 2009 Crew Kit for serious Dale Jr fans.

New Dale Earnhardt Jr fan club is the ultimate fan experience for serious Junior fans.

Now all of Junior’s fans can come together as one and show their support for the driver of the No. 88 Chevrolet.

The Jr Nation Crew fan club will have a direct line to all of Dale Earnhardt Jr’s racing activities – it will be ran directly from Junior’s headquarters at JR Motorsports giving members an inside line to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Crew members also get special access to corporate hospitality events at select race tracks.

You can join JR nation now for $34.88 – for your money you’ll get access to member’s only forums and contests, exclusive Dale Jr media and full access to the JR Nation Crew members only website. You’ll also get a JR Nation Crew Kit which includes a membership card and welcome letter from Dale Earnhardt Jr.

To join JR Nation Crew now just visit Junior’s official fan club website at, or call toll free at 1.800.927.7821.

Sadler Fights Back

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Elliott Sadler Fires Back at GEM With Legal Order

An attorney for Elliott Sadler has fired the first shot in what is sure to be a legal battle between Sadler and Gillett Evernham Motorsports.

John Buric, Elliott Sadler’s attorney, has filed an ‘application and order extending time to file complaint’ in Iredell County, North Carolina Superior Court.

According to court records the order seeks “injunctive relief, declaratory relief/specific performance, consequential and punitive damages as a result of Defendants anticipatory and actual breach of Plaintiffs’ Driving Services Agreement — Plaintiffs also seek general, consequential, treble and punitive damages, and attorney fees, as a result of Defendants’ tortuous interference.”

Last spring GEM signed Sadler to a multiyear extension of his contract to drive the car through 2010.

The order filed by Sadler’s attorney names GEM owner George Gillette along with Ray Evernham and AJ Allmendinger.

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