Any Occupy Wall Street Protestors Need a Job? NASCAR is Hiring

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All those Occupy Wall Street protestors seem to be having a pretty good time camping out in downtown New York’s Zuchotti Park. If they would only put that much time and energy toward getting a job they could probably have one.




NASCAR is hiring. I found these openings posted on the Official NASCAR Job Board.


  • Tax Director / Accounting and Finance, Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Broadcast Engineer, NASCAR Media Group, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Manager of Training and Development / Competition Development
  • Software Engineer, NASCAR Headquarters, Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Manager of Stakeholder Communications, NASCAR Charlotte North Carolina
  • Director of Business Development, Grand Am Broadcasting, Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Account Executive for Retail Licensing, NASCAR, Bentonville, Arkansas


Now I didn’t even know NASCAR had an office in Arkansas, but I am betting this is related to Wal Mart NASCAR licensing.

If you want to work for NASCAR here’s your chance.

Do you think any of the protestors are qualified for these jobs? Would they even apply?

Obama Stands Against NASCAR Fans

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President Obama is a sore loser. NASCAR fans did not support his bid for President in 2008 – and are no more likely to support him now in his bid for re-election. So Obama is paying them back by ripping their sport apart.


4 Ways Obama is Ruining NASCAR

Destroying Jobs. By putting millions of people out of work President Obama is assuring that NASCAR fans will no longer be able to afford to attend stock car races and buy souvenirs and apparel of their favorite driver.


Limiting Economic Recovery. Businesses are facing ever-increasing costs and regulations in order to do business in the United States. Therefore they have less money available to spend on racing sponsorships which would help bring even more business.


Increasing Taxes. The more taxes you have to pay the less money you have to spend on enjoying things  like NASCAR. Obama wants to redistribute your cash to someone else.


Banning Military Sponsorships. Obama’s party has even gone as far as trying to ban NASCAR sponsorship by the US Armed Services. Minnesota Democrat Betty McCollum has tried to get legislation through congress that would have left Dale Earnhardt Jr and Ryan Newman unsponsored. Obama is standing by to sign it.


What has Obama done for you lately – and how much longer do we have to stand for it?





Two Tires Key for Kenseth

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Matt Kenseth asked his crew chief for just 2 tires on the final pit stop at Dover Sunday afternoon in the FedEx 400 That proved to be a winning strategy sending Kenseth straight to Victory Lane.

5 time champion Jimmie Johnson looked to have the car to beat as the laps ticked off. But crew chief Chad Knaus admitted he made a bad call by taking on 4 tires on the final stop. That put the No. 48 deep in the field ever to recover. Johnson finished 9th.

Mark Martin was running 14th before that final caution. He did not pit and took the lead under caution. Martin was able to hold on to 2nd place with that strategy.

“I had enough speed to be right there without tires,” said Martin. “We’ve had great teamwork all year. I’m proud of this race team, I’m proud of these guys.”

Both Dale Earnhardt Jr and Jeff Gordon were critical of the tires Goodyear brought to Dover this week. The tires were leaving small rubber marbles on the race surface that was literally being smeared into the concrete.  That resulted in race cars that sometimes looked like they were running on dirt as drivers struggled to hang on going into the turns.

But what really counts is your take on the race. What do you like about today’s race – and what problems did you see.  Leave your comments below.

Your NASCAR Texas Vent Page

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In winning the Samsung Mobile 500 at Texas Motor Speedway Saturday night Matt Kenseth snapped a 76 race winless streak. The No. 17 driver had not visited Victory Lane since the 2009 Spring race at Auto Club Speedway.

“Yeah, it feels good to get back to Victory Lane,” said Kenseth. “It’s been a long time. It feels good to have a night like we had tonight with a dominant car and to be able to get the win.”

Clint Bowyer was 2nd and Carl Edwards drove his No. 99 Ford to a 3rd place finish despite suffering from an upset stomach, which he blamed on his mother’s cooking.

“What did you eat last night,” asked fellow driver Clint Bowyer.

“My mom made a little dish,” said Edwards. “I don’t think one of the ingredients was bad. I think it might have been her first attempt at it.”

“I’ll cook for you next week,” said Bowyer slyly. But I would strongly advise Carl Edwards against it.

Tony Stewart may have had a shot to beat Kenseth when no one else did. Stewart had the edge on gas mileage thanks to being off-sequence on pit stops from the leaders. But a pit road speeding penalty on his final pit-stop took Stewart out of contention. Without the penalty all Stewart would have had to do was conserve a half a lap of fuel and the race would have been his.

Dale Earnhardt Jr was the most improved drive r in this race. Starting 28th and finishing 9th.

Earnhardt and his crew chief Steve Letarte have figured out how to communicate and improve the race car during the race.

So now it’s your turn. Have your say and leave your comments. What did you think about Kenseth’s win? Is the No. 88 team really showing improvement? And will Carl Edwards’ Mother be making him dinner any time soon after he made those comments?

Would You Buy a Used Car from Kyle Busch?

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Would You Buy a Used Car from Kyle Busch?

NASCAR drivers have to trust one another when they’re door to door at 200 mph. But who do you trust off the track?

Which driver has the most integrity and has earned your trust?

Would you buy a used car from Kyle Busch? Would you leave your dog with Dale Earnhardt Jr while you were on vacation? Would you let Jeff Gordon borrow your car? Which driver’s have earned your trust?

I think NASCAR drivers are a pretty honest bunch.  I can’t think of one that has a problem with their credibility or their personal values.


How One Small Mistake Costs Tony Stewart Vegas Win

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You may want to vent. You may want to cheer. But here’s your chance to have your say on the Kobalt Tools 400 in Las Vegas.

Tony Stewart looked to be the driver to beat as the laps wound down. But as the race ended he could only wonder how he lost the race to Carl Edwards.

It was pit strategy that won Carl Edwards the race. Edwards took just 2 tires on the final pit stop while Stewart’s crew chief Darian Grubb was forced to take 4, having took only 2 on the previous stop.

The quick stop put Edwards in the lead and he never looked back.

What really cost Stewart the win was a penalty mid-race for leaving his pit with an air gun. That put him far back in the field and led to the decision him to take only 2 tires on the second to last pit stop in order to make up ground. This meant that on the final pit stop Edwards had the option of 2 tires or 4. Stewart had no options.

Dale Earnhardt Jr had a fast car for short runs, but was not so good on longer runs. He was faster than eventual winner Carl Edwards at one point late in the race, easily passing Edwards’ No. 99 Ford. But was unable to maintain the speed as the race progressed.

There was definitely an issue with the Goodyear tires today, with several drivers including last week’s winner Jeff Gordon and points leader Kyle Busch crashing due to blown tires.

Some teams are still trying to get the hang of the new self-venting fuel cans. Greg Biffle had more than one problem getting fuel in his No. 16 Ford. At one point the fuel man even dropped the can trying to fuel the car.

So whether you want to cheer or whether you need to vent here’s your chance. Have your say on the Kobalt Tools 400.

Your NASCAR Phoenix Vent Page

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Have an opinion on the Subway Fresh Fit 500 from Phoenix? Here’s your chance to have your say. Post your thoughts and opinions about Jeff Gordon’s first win in 66 races. Let us know what you think about Dale Jr’s loose wheel. Or what about the way things have turned out for all the new crew chiefs at Hendrick Motorsports. Did Kyle Busch have any chance at the end? This post is all for you. Let your comments fly and post them below.

NASCAR Chairman Brian France Explains 2011 Changes

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Brian France talks about the new NASCAR point system and other changes coning in 2011 in this quick video. Watch it and let me know what you think.


Why is NASCAR Changing the Point System Now?

January 23, 2011 by · 12 Comments
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NASCAR’s goal is to have “a more simple points system” according to its President, Mike Helton. He wants a point system that is “Easy to understand. Easy to explain. Easy to be talked about.” Watch this video where Mr. Helton explains the possible changes.

The point system that NASCAR is considering is a 43 to 1 system. The race winner will be awarded 43 points; the 2nd place driver will receive 42 points and so forth.

I haven’t heard any race fans ask for this change. And I haven’t had one race fan who thought this was the most pressing issue for NASCAR to work on.  I really just can’t figure out why NASCAR wants to make this change. Can you?


NASCAR testing at Daytona today

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A quick note: NASCAR Winter testing at Daytona begins today. SPEED TV coverage begins at 5pm eastern time.

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