$3 Admission to RCR Museum

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$3 Admission to Richard Childress Racing Museum

If you’re in the Welcome, North Carolina area this Saturday, April 25, 2009, be sure to stop in and see Chocolate Myers at the Richard Childress Racing Museum.

Chocolate runs the museum, and he’s offering a special price of only $3 for admission in to the museum where you can see Kevin Harvick’s Daytona 500 winning car along with memorabilia and race cars from 6 NASCAR Championships won by Richard Childress and Dale Earnhardt.

The museum is always a great stop – but for $3 you can’t pass it up.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Wrecks Kyle Busch

Dale Jr Swears it was an Accident

Jimmie Johnson might have won the Chevy Rock and Roll 400 Sunday, but it was once again Dale Earnhardt Jr and Kyle Busch grabbing headlines amid controversy.

“If I wanted to do it, I would do it really, really good.” ~ Dale Jr on the Kyle Busch crash


It looked like the same wreck the 2 drivers were involved in the last time they came to Richmond – but this time it was Kyle Busch who hit the wall, not Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Busch and Earnhardt were locked in a heated battle for the lead midway through the race when the 2 cars touched sending Kyle’s Toyota into the wall.

Junior insisted the crash was accidental — but he seemed to leave plenty of room to read between the lines in his comments.

When asked if he had intentionally put Busch into the wall, Dale Earnhardt Jr said “I really ain’t never wrecked anybody on purpose. But if I wanted to do it, I would do it really, really good.”

“If I wreck somebody, I ain’t going to leave him in good enough shape to come back and get me in the same race, so that wasn’t really my intentions.”

Kyle Busch felt that he knew exactly what happened. “Junior got in there a little too hot, a little close to me , and smoked the tires,” said Busch, who left the Richmond with the points lead.

One reporter asked Busch if he thought the wreck was payback from the spring race at Richmond.

“Was that revenge?  Who knows?” Busch replied flatly.

Dale Earnhardt Jr finished the race 4th — while Busch was credited with a 15th place finish.

Do you think it was revenge?


Roush Dominant While Hendrick Stumbles at Michigan

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NASCAR at Michigan


Photo Courtesy Hendrick Motorsports

A race that left Jack Roush with the winning car and 4 cars finishing in the top 5 was nothing but a headache for Rick Hendrick – who had 3 cars involved in on track incidents, and his highest finishing car in 17th.

“Carl is right there, has been all year.” ~ Kyle Busch

“Well, I can’t believe my good fortune,” said winning car owner Jack Roush. “I’ve been in the presence of really fast company, starting with Mark Martin here in 1988. We didn’t win in ’88 but we were in contention from the very beginning.”

“Everybody did a super job, and as the crew chiefs and the drivers made their adjustments toward the end of the day, they were able to salvage the situation so that everybody was in the top ten, and certainly except for Kyle Busch being up there, we had a chance to have two or three winners, or actually four winners, out of the top five.”

Apparently Carl Edwards was a little nervous about restarting the race with 2 laps to go, and Kyle Busch on his rear bumper.

“Where was it, Chicago, it came down to, Kyle and Jimmie? Jimmie lost it on that restart because Kyle is good at restarts,” said Edwards, “and that’s just the facts. So I just didn’t want to have to go through that pain, so I just did everything I could to have the best restart I could, and it worked out great.”

When asked what it meant to win at Michigan, Roush’s home track, and home to Ford Motor Company, Edwards responded: “Well, it means a lot to me. Four years ago today I ran my first Cup race for Jack Roush, and he took a giant gamble on me I felt like at the time to put me in that car. Jack won the race that day. I believe Greg (Biffle) won it, and we finished 10th. All five of the cars were in the top ten. And to be a part of that again today for Ford Motor Company, for Roush and for all the guys, it’s an honor.”

The race got off to an interesting start, with two Chevrolet’s teaming up to deny Toyota a chance to lead the first lap.

When the green flag flew on lap one Dale Earnhardt Jr tucked the nose of his No. 88 Chevrolet against the rear bumper of team mate Jimmie Johnson. That move pushed Johnson ahead of pole sitter Brian Vickers’ Toyota.

It almost looked like the Hendrick team had a pact with Chevrolet to deny Toyota a chance to lead the first lap.

Johnson would lead until lap 8, when Dale Earnhardt Jr took the lead.

On the first pit stop Earnhardt took 4 tires and gas in 15.5 seconds, but still lost 2 positions on pit road after coming in with the lead.

Three Hendrick Motorsports cars had problems in the race.

First it was an incident involving Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson that would send Johnson to pit road with a flat tire on lap 92 — putting him one lap down.

Johnson and Gordon ran out of racing room when the action got 3 wide, with Tony Stewart on the outside and Gordon in the middle.

On lap 43 Earnhardt — while leading, Earnhardt radioed to his crew, “I’ve got a big, big, big, big big problem. The water temperature is at 260, and the oil temperature is at 300.” It turned out that the No. 88 car had picked up some debris that was covering the front air intake.

After Dale Jr was able to tuck the nose of his car behind he Toyota of Brian Vickers he was able to clear the debris, but the spiked temperatures apparently hurt the engine. The car was never as fast after that.

Five laps later Jeff Gordon’s car blew a right front tire — likely a result of the contact with the No. 48 car — and hit the outside retaining wall hard. The damage would send Gordon to the garage for repairs. Gordon would eventually return to the track just long enough to bring cause another caution due to debris falling off his wrecked race car. Gordon headed to the garage again — this time for good.

Then on lap 183 Dale Earnhardt Jr smacked the wall, doing damage to the right side of the No. 88 Chevy. Earnhardt pitted for tires and to pull away some beat up sheet metal, but was able to continue the race.

Just when the Hendrick group thought they were going to get out of Michigan before anything else happened Jimmie Johnson took a spin through the grass after tangling with Travis Kvapil’s No. 28 Ford on the final lap as the field was coming to the checkered flag.

Still Johnson had the highest finish for a Hendrick car at 18th. Dale Earnhardt Jr finished 23rd, and Jeff Gordon was next to last at 42nd.

Edwards strong run was not lost on Championship leader Kyle Busch. Busch finished 2nd to Edwards – but was not a threat to make a pass as Edwards was able to easily pull away from Busch’s No. 18 Toyota.

Busch did not seem to take Edwards’ dominance lightly as the Sprint Cup Chase approached. “Carl is right there, has been all year, said Busch. He’s been the guy that we’ve got to race on these mile and a half, two mile racetracks. He’s been decent at other racetracks, too, but not as stout as he is at these, and there’s a lot of those in the Chase.”

With just 3 races remaining before the Chase begins the pressure continues to build as NASCAR heads to the half mile Bristol bullring for a Saturday night shootout under the lights.

NASCAR Country Meets Wine Country

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Don’t think for a minute that Richard Childress had to take a second job to keep his NASCAR team going. After all, Childress travels to the races in a private jet.

Yet he does have a second job. Childress is Proprietor of, Childress Vineyards in the Piedmont region of Lexington, North Carolina.

Now I don’t know much about wine. But I’ve got to hand it to Childress – this winery is pretty neat.

There amid 65 acres of grape vines sits a palatial estate that houses the Childress Vineyards winery, wine tasting room, bistro and banquet hall.

The place produces some fine wines with fancy sounding names like Childress Vineyards Merlot and Riesling. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about wine. They’ve got a wine club that will send you 3 bottles of their best vintage every 3 months or so for $250 a year.

There amid 65 acres of grape vines sits a palatial estate that houses the Childress Vineyards winery, wine tasting room, bistro and banquet hall.

Chef David Thomas makes a mean Sunday brunch that won’t leave you hungry – and of course comes with a glass of wine.

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