Mark Martin Needs Driving Lessons According to Juan Pablo Montoya

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Mark Martin is the last person in the Sprint Cup garage to need driving lessons – but Juan Pablo Montoya doesn’t see it that way.

On the final lap of the 400 at Chicagoland Speedway Saturday night Mark Martin passed Juan Pablo Montoya and the 2 cars made contact as a result.

Martin was angry with the resulting contact and drove his No. 5 Chevy directly to Montoya’s hauler after the race to find out what the contact was all about – and Montoya was parked on the opposite side from Martin.

“I ain’t gonna take no shit!” ~ Mark Martin

It was there that Montoya questioned Martin’s driving.

“He didn’t like the way I passed him there on the last lap,” explained Martin. He called it “borderline stupid driving and suggested I take some smart driving lessons from him,” said Martin as he headed back to his own hauler on foot.

“I ain’t gonna take no shit,” Martin explained bluntly.

Montoya was a little short on his explanation as well. “I gave him room out of four and we got into one and he nearly wrecked me, wrecked us both,” Montoya said.

Who do you think needs the driving lesson?

No Penalty from NASCAR

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No Penalty for Mark Martin or Jimmie Johnson

Crews for Mark Martin and Jimmie Johnson had to make some fast changes before their race cars could depart Hendrick Motorsports for this weekend’s Price Chopper 400 Sprint Cup Race at Kansas Speedway.

During an Official NASCAR inspection the cars were not found to be illegal – but were very close.

The No. 5 car and the No. 48 car were found to be extremely close to the tolerances set in the NASCAR Rulebook after going through technical inspection at the NASCAR R&D Center this week.

NASCAR has not announced any penalties against either team – so their top 2 positions in the points Chase seem to be safe for now.

Hauler drivers were supposed to be on the road with the race cars – but instead were standing by to leave the shop.

NASCAR took several cars to the R&D Center following Sunday’s race at Dover, including the No. 48 and No. 5.

Jimmie Johnson and Mark Martin – and their race teams — need to be extremely careful. It is difficult enough to win a Championship as it is. It would be impossible to win one after a 100 point penalty and the loss of their crew chiefs.

NASCAR has taken a hard line against cheating since rolling out the COT. Do you think it has been effective?

Montoya Angry with Martin Over Win

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Mark Martin Wins While Montoya Goes Home Mad

For 300 laps Sunday afternoon tempers flared, aggression showed and Mark Martin proved that he was on a Championship run by winning the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and holding on to the Sprint Cup Championship points lead.

But 2nd place Juan Pablo Montoya felt Martin had unfairly held him up.

The win gave Martin 5 victories so far in the season – the most of all drivers.

40th Win for Martin

“That’s a big deal.  I don’t get around this place that well,” said Martin. It’s also pretty cool, when we left Michigan, I don’t know how many races was the total race.  This is 40,” said Martin, referring to his 40th Sprint Cup win.

Martin held a huge lead late in the race with just 24 laps to go whena  late race debris caution was called by NASCAR. The caution flag bunched the field back up and made for some interesting racing. But I never saw the debris – even though it took several trucks to clean it up.

From there Martin held on to the lead through several more caution flags.

With 6 laps to go the caution flag flew due to a spin by A.J. Allmendinger following contact by Marcos Ambrose. Martin held of a charge on the restart by Juan Pablo Montoya.

With 13 laps to go Martin held off Kurt Busch on another restart to keep the race lead.

On the final lap A.J. Allmendinger spun the No. 44 Dodge on the front stretch. This time NASCAR was not so quick to pit the Caution Flag out. The race stayed green until Martin was almost back to the finish line – even though Allmendinger was still sitting on the race track for most of the final lap.

Dale Jr Crash

Dale Earnhardt Jr went a long way to silence his critics by starting 23rd and systematically climbing as high as 2nd place.

The No. 88 Chevrolet was running in 4th position when he spun following contact from David Reutimann’s No. 00 Toyota. Earnhardt had harsh words for Reutimann following the late race crash that put Earnhardt into the wall and out of the race.

I’m pretty disappointed,” said Earnhardt

“Some people you just can’t race side by side with,” said Earnhardt as he criticized David Reutimann for causing the wreck. “ We were probably one of the best cars here the 00 can’t hold his line. He went down to the bottom of the corner, Lost it, run into the side of my car and spun me out came up and spin me out I know that he can’t hold his line and I should have known that, but I’ve got to run hard and try to win.”

“David just run out of talent down there,” said Junior on a final note.

Chase contender Kasey Kahne finished 38th after suffering a catastrophic engine failure on lap 66.

The engine failure occurred at a critical time for Kahne. Not only was it the first race of the Chase – but it was just days after Richard Petty Motorsports announced it was closing its engine shop and merging with Yates Racing to field Fords in 2010. The move will leave many RPM engine shop employees out of work.

Jimmie Johnson and Denny Hamlin are both 35 points behind Mark Martin in the standings. But the race left Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards and Kasey Kahne more than 100 points behind the leader. That’s a lot of ground to make up in 9 races.

Juan Pablo Montoya was unhappy with Mark Martin after the race. Montoya felt that Martin slowed in the apex of the corner to prevent Montoya from passing.

“He screwed me,” said Montoya after climbing from his car on pit road.

“David just run out of talent down there.” ~ Dale Earnhardt Jr

“He always runs very clean, so I was kind of surprised when he did that,” Montoya continued from the media center after the race.  “I know it’s the Chase and everything, but you just learn from it.  I would have done the same thing.  I think you’ve got to do it to somebody that you trust is not going to knock you out, because I think if I would have done ‑‑ if the second place guy wasn’t me, I think somebody else would have been a little bit more aggressive.  But you learn from it.  It’s one of those deals that you’ve got to do what it takes, and he did.”

“You can read into that what you want, said Mark Martin in response. “But my first instinct to answer that question would be, yeah, I stopped compared to how fast his car was going. I fought for that race.”

I am still amazed when drivers complain that other racers make it hard for them to pass or win. I thought that was what racing was all about. Hard racing.

Penalty coming for Busch

Kyle Busch failed post race tech inspection. His No. 18 Toyota was too low on the left front.

So here’s your chance. Do you have a comment or opinion on the race?

Photo Courtesy Hendrick Motorsports

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