Jimmie Johnson Greatest All Time

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Is Jimmie Johnson the Greatest of All Time?

Jimmie’s fans apparently think he is the greatest. His fan base is growing daily. Kyle Busch fans are tossing their No. 18 hats in the trash and buying No. 48 hats. Jeff Gordon fans are donating their No. 24 t-shirts to the Salvation Army and buying Jimmie Johnson shirts.

One Dale Earnhardt Jr fan even had her tattoo redesigned from No. 88 to No. 48. I never thought I would see the day when a Junior fan would switch to Johnson.

“Over the last couple years my fan base has grown leaps and bounds,” said the 4 time Champion in a matter of fact way.

“And then within our sport, I’m racing with some of the great, and there is different reasons why guys are popular. Junior’s success and Junior’s popularity is there for a lot of different reasons.  One way people measure things is based on souvenir sales, and our souvenir sales is one of the few that has been showing an increase.”

“Junior’s success and Junior’s popularity is there for a lot of different reasons.” ~ Jimmie Johnson

“I’m very proud of the fan base that I have.  It’s a very large fan base, and it’s growing rapidly.”

Jimmie Johnson has a record that no one in the 61 year history of NASCAR can match – 4 straight championships.

Sure, Richard Petty has more, but not 4 in a row.

Dale Earnhardt has 7 to match Petty, but not 4 straight.

Jeff Gordon has 4 – but not in 4 consecutive years.

Johnson does not have the most wins. But at 47 career victories he is ranked 11th on the NASCAR All Time Win List. And Jimmie Johnson is nowhere near retirement. He still has plenty of winning left to do.

So far in his career Johnson has averaged 5.8 wins per year. At that rate he will pass David Pearson’s record of 105 wins by the time he is 44 years old. Pearson raced until he was 51 and ranks No. 2 on the All Time Win List.

Johnson will never pass Richard Petty for the top spot at 200. But you have to consider that Petty would run as many as 61 races per year. Johnson only gets 36.

So is Jimmie the Johnson the Greatest of All Time? If not Johnson, who?

Photo Courtesy Hendrick Motorsports

Is Jimmie Johnson Cheating?

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Do You Think Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus are Cheating?

I’m taking a quick poll. Do you think Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus are violating any NASCAR rules — or are they just really that good?

After all, NASCAR has had the No. 48 car back at the NASCAR R&D Facility after almost every race, and they still haven’t found anything.

What is really going on with Chad and Jimmie — cheating or just really good?

No Penalty from NASCAR

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No Penalty for Mark Martin or Jimmie Johnson

Crews for Mark Martin and Jimmie Johnson had to make some fast changes before their race cars could depart Hendrick Motorsports for this weekend’s Price Chopper 400 Sprint Cup Race at Kansas Speedway.

During an Official NASCAR inspection the cars were not found to be illegal – but were very close.

The No. 5 car and the No. 48 car were found to be extremely close to the tolerances set in the NASCAR Rulebook after going through technical inspection at the NASCAR R&D Center this week.

NASCAR has not announced any penalties against either team – so their top 2 positions in the points Chase seem to be safe for now.

Hauler drivers were supposed to be on the road with the race cars – but instead were standing by to leave the shop.

NASCAR took several cars to the R&D Center following Sunday’s race at Dover, including the No. 48 and No. 5.

Jimmie Johnson and Mark Martin – and their race teams — need to be extremely careful. It is difficult enough to win a Championship as it is. It would be impossible to win one after a 100 point penalty and the loss of their crew chiefs.

NASCAR has taken a hard line against cheating since rolling out the COT. Do you think it has been effective?

Jimmie Johnson Wins Martinsville

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Johnson Tops at Martinsville — Again

Jimmie Johnson moved Denny Hamlin up the race track with 15 laps to go Sunday afternoon at Martinsville to take the lead. It was a lead Johnson would never give up.

Johnson beat 2nd place Hamlin to the finish line by .774 seconds.

After the race Johnson was asked if he would have liked to have been passed the same way he passed Hamlin.

“I got in there alongside of him and he kept coming down to go to the inside line, Johnson said of the race winning pass of Hamlin. ” We made some contact.  I think I went up over the curb.  We were both sideways.  Fortunately nobody tore anything up. It’s really tough, short track racing.”

“Chad hates the beard, so I’m going to keep it as long as I can because I know he hates it.” ~ Jimmie Johnson

Denny Hamlin should have been upset with the way he was raced by Johnson – but he wasn’t. “It’s short-track racing-that’s all the fans could ask for right there,” said Hamlin, last year’s winner of this event. “If the roles were reversed, I’d do the same thin. Believe me, I will if it ever comes back around.”

This win also means that Jimmie’s beard is not a jinx after all. He plans to keep it. “Chad hates the beard, so I’m going to keep it as long as I can because I know he hates it,” said Johnson.  ”My grandmother hates it. I don’t like to make her mad, but it’s fun to have her complain to me.”

All 4 of Hendrick Motorsports cars finished in the top 8. Hendrick’s 2 affiliated cars of Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman also finished in the top 8.

The win came o the 25th Anniversary of Hendrick’s first win. “It doesn’t seem like it’s been 25 years, but when you look back over some of the milestones of the people that have driven the cars, it does seem like it’s been a long time” said Rick Hendrick. “It’s really unbelievable to think that we’ve been fortunate enough to win the championships and the races. And I’ve been very fortunate with the drivers that we’ve had, but I’m just amazed that I’m still in it.”

Photo Courtesy Hendrick Motorsports

Homestead Post Race Show

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Have Your Say on Homestead

Photo courtesy Hendrick Motorsports

Share your opinion on Jimmie Johnson’s championship and Carl Edwards’ win

If anybody had any doubt who was going to win the championship Jimmie Johnson just erased it.

Congratulations to Jimmie on the 2008 Sprint Cup Championship, and congratulations to Carl Edwards for the win at Homestead.

Now for the bad news — the NASCAR season is over. But, on the bright side — only 90 more days until the Daytona 500.

For all the Jr. Nation fans out there — tough luck on the broken brake rotor. But more good news,  did I mention the next race is Daytona?

Carl Edwards did everything in his power over the final 5 races, but it wasn’t enough to overtake Jimmie Johnson.. Edwards had 3 wins and 5 top fives in the last 5 races.

Fords haven’t always got the best gas mileage, but Carl Edwards seems to know how to get every drop out of a tank of gas. I’m sure there are a few other drivers who would like to know Carl’s secret when it comes to fuel mileage.

So what are your thoughts on Carl Edwards winning this race, and Jimmie Johnson winning the championship?

As always, this page is for you — so fire up your keyboards and give us your opinion.

Martinsvlle Post-Race Chatter

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Have Your Say About Martinsville

NASCAR may not have engraved Jimmie Johnson’s name on the Sprint Cup yet, but after Sunday’ dominating win at Martinsville they must have at least penciled him in at the head table at the Waldorf Astoria.

The Tums Quik Pak 500 at Martinsville is in the history books now. The NASCAR pundits picked a pair of Hendrick Motorsports drivers as the favorites to go  to Victory Lane –  Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson were favored to win.

The pundits were half right. It was Jimmie Johnson taking the win. No one was talking about Dale Earnhardt, Jr. before the race. Junior drove the No. 88 car to a second place finish.

It seems there are more questions than answers after the race.

  • Why did ABC cut to a commercial with 11 laps to go?
  • Why did NASCAR wait until after the commercial break to throw the green flag — burning off 3 valuable laps in the process?
  • Why didn’t Dale Earnhardt, Jr. pull within a few inches of  Jimmie Johnson on the last 2 restarts instead of allowing Johnson to get such a big lead.
  • Why are we continuing to see tire problems for the 3rd week in a roe — and so many times this year?
  • Will Greg Biffle, Jeff Burton — or anyone else — be able to pry the Sprint Cup from Jimmie Johnson’s grasp?
  • Will Jeff Gordon ever win another race? The seven time Martinsville winner continues his winless streak in 2008.

It’s like the Radio Shack commercial — we’ve got questions. We just hope you’ve got the answers.


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Johnson Holds Off Late Charge From Edwards

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Photo courtesy Hendrick Motorsports

Johnson Cruises To Victory and Points Lead

Jimmie Johnson seemed to have victory locked up in Camping World RV 400 at Kansas Sunday – until Carl Edwards rocketed past his No. 48 Chevrolet in turn 3 of the final lap.

“I planned on hitting the wall, but I didn’t plan on the wall slowing me down that much.” ~ Carl Edwards

Edwards had built up a head of steam coming down the backstretch and appeared to have never lifted his right foot off the accelerator.

Edwards’ pass was short-lived, however. He was carrying too much speed into the flat Kansas corner and drifted up to scrape the SAFER barrier with he right side of his No. 99 Ford – allowing Johnson to easily re-pass him on the way to the checkered flag.

I wondered out loud whether or not Johnson had seen the pass coming. “That car goes flying by,” Johnson said of Edwards’ pass. “I knew instantly, there was no damn way he’s making the turn.  Just stayed on the brake, tried to get redirected and turned down.  I was so in awe of how fast he drove it in, I watched him pound the wall and jump back on the gas.  I thought, Man, he’s serious about this win, I better get back on the gas myself.”

The win puts Jimmie Johnson back on top of the Sprint Cup point standings. Johnson looks poised to win his third straight title – a feat not seen since Cale Yarborough first did it exactly 30 years ago in 1978.

Carl Edwards was unapologetic for hitting the wall, however. “My number one thing was make this slide job a real deep one so I don’t collect Jimmie and then hope for the best.  You never know what’s going to happen.  He can go in there and get surprised and it can all work out, you know.” You have to hand it to Carl for giving it everything he had in order to try to win on his home track – even though he could easily have paid a big price in points had the move gone wrong.

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