Carl Edwards Joins Fans After Win

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Following his win in the Kobalt Tools 500 at Phoenix Sunday Carl Edwards performed his signature back flip. Then he did something totally unexpected. Edwards grabbed the checkered flag and darted through a gate in the catchfence celebrating with the fans.

I don’t know who was more shocked – the race fans who quickly mobbed Edwards, or the security detail who had to get him back into the infield,

Talk about saluting the fans. That was a pretty classy move on Carl Edwards’ part.

The win ended a 70 race drought for Carl Edwards.

Denny Hamlin led the most laps but had to pit for fuel with 14 laps to go dropping him to a 12th Place finish. Still Hamlin left with a 15 point lead in the Championship standings heading into the final race at Homestead.

With just one race remaining in the 2010 NASCAR season the Championship comes down to a final race shootout between Denny Hamlin, Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick.

Want are your thoughts on today’s race – and who are you picking to win the Championship?




25 Comments on Carl Edwards Joins Fans After Win

  1. Jack Sams on

  3. Evie on
  4. Thought it was GREAT. Carl is a good guy.

    Wonder who Brad is going to blame that he hit the wall HUMMMMMMM

  5. Evie M. on
  6. I too, like the “Salute to the Racefans” Edwards did tonight. He is a Class Act kinda guy ! ! ! Makes ya want to go to the races again ! ! !

  7. Sandra on
  8. Carl I am glad he won. I don’t think Carl needs to go into the stands because either he could get hurt or a fan for getting close to him. So my opinion he doesn’t need to do that anymore.
    Another opinion I have Denny Hamlin is not champion material yet. He act like a spoil brat and lost his temper. Maybe all Gibbs drivers needs to take Anger Management.
    Kevin Harvick or Jimmie Johnson are Champion Material for 2010, they both got out of their car cool and calm that is a sign of a champion.

  9. Mavis on
  10. What do they have security for? Seems useless if drivers are going to do things like that. Not a good idea in my opinion!

  11. ladyred on
  12. Carl Edwards is not a favorite. Probably because he hasn’t won in so long he wasn’t thinking, but a dumb move that could have caused an injury. Denny pulled a Kyle stunt by acting like a child who just lost his toy. I’m still for Harvick who acts like a mature adult.

  13. Jimmy Narron on
  14. carl edwards has his way of showing his thanks to his fans, i’m one of his greates fans, go carl go..

    hamlin acted like a spoil brat. he didn’t have to act like it was the end , i’m pulling for Harvick but he is going to drive like he has a tiger by the tail because Jimmy is going to drive like he has never driven before

  15. AZomah on
  16. I was at the race today, my driver finished 15th which was a good day for him. Personally I was very proud of Carl Edwards for wanting to share with his fans his first win in a while. That shows that he cares about his fans. Way to go Carl! We older fans have noticed that the fans are no longer important to not only the drivers but their handlers. There is no doubt in my mind that, that is the reason for empty seats. The drivers leave the track for extra curicular activity like unveiling a new car for just a few fans(who have to pay extra)instead of sharing with all their fans, they go to different locations to sign autographs while the fans that attend the races have to buy them. This hurts me to have to admitt-KYLE B. actually takes the time to sign autographs for his fans and visit with them. He appreciates his fans. Sure he is a jerk most of the time, but at least he spends time with his fans and doesn’t charge them for it. This charging fans for autographs is part of what is turning fans off. My group of long time friends(older folks) who attend our track regularly, and love racing, are concerned. How much longer will the sport continue because of the greedy folks that are now involved with the drivers. It is time for folks to stop ignoring the fans or one of these days they will show up and there will be no one in the stands and no million dollar purse at the end of the season.

  17. Barb F. on
  18. Congrats to Edwards it was great to see him join the fans with his checkered flag. Denny don!t give up you still have one more shot to beat Johnson and God willing you will be the champ.

  19. goldie on
  20. I really enjoyed the race today. I’m a little partial to Kevin Harvick, simply because he is one of the better drivers I’ve seen. If he has the right setup, he is not afraid of passing someone and sure did that today trying to get back up front. He knows how to act when he wins and when he loses, a very mature young man. I must say I did pull somewhat for Hamlin because I thought he might have a better car than Harvick. He, too, is a good racer, altho he needs to work on his attitude when he doesn’t win. (Please, Denny, don’t be another Kyle Busch and whine when you lose). Can’t wait for next week’s race. Of course, I am still an avid fan of Junior, but today was a bit different, being so close to the end, I decided to pull for the other two. Jr. did dirve pretty good today.

  21. Ron on
  22. Carl Edwards is a Class Act and learned from the best Drivers in the business (Mark Martin, Jeff Burton and a few others that use to Drive for Jack Rouch (sp). They all have Class and hardly ever see them enter into conflicts, pushing other Drivers into the wall, bumping and banging because they are upset and think these people should move over because of their status as Drivers! Remember when Kyle “Cry Baby” Busch was SO upset when a Driver wouldn’t move over because Kyle was in the chase and the other Driver wasn’t! Kyle ultimately pushed that Driver into the Wall, drove through him, no need of things like that @ those speeds!

    I must agree with a Lady that posted earlier on here, Joe Gibbs Drivers seem to ALL need Anger Management classes, Kyle without a doubt is one of them and Gibbs should think of getting rid of him. Denny Hamlin not only acts childish when he loses, he acts that way when he wins also. The remarks he made about Clint Boyer when Boyer Won a race to the chase and his car did not Pass a 3rd inspection (he DID Pass the Pre & Post race inspections, it was a 3rd inspection that he failed by 1/64th of an inch in ONE CORNER of his car, BIG DEAL 1/64 of an inch). His remarks were totally out of place, should have kept them to himself and kept his big baby mouth SHUT.

    He said that NASCAR had warned Boyer’s team on many occasions through out the season that they were running an illegal car. If this was true I seriously doubt that NASCAR would have done something about that much earlier in the year, not while in the last 12 “Race to the Chase” events. I think that NASCAR has a hidden agenda, wants Toyota to Win the Series Championship. Funny how Toyota seems to be doing SO WELL against the American cars after a truly dismal start in NASCAR! I never thought that a Foreign car should have been allowed in this American Event (was always an ALL American event, never any foreign cars involved).

    Nobody and I do mean NOBODY can purchase a Toyota with a big V8 engine, unlike all the American vehicles involved. You CAN purchase any of these American cars with large V8 motors, big HP and seen on the road on a daily basis. No wonder why so many Americans are out of work, to see MORE foreign cars on the road today then ever before. It is OUR technology, our invention and they take ALL our sales away from us, as well as ALL our Jobs. NAFTA and the WTO killed the American Dream, we must start to take this back or become a 3rd world nation! Enough of this, people should have already seen this and done something about it aside from buying all these Jap Crap, Rice Rockets!

    I enjoyed the Race yesterday, enjoyed seeing Edwards go into the stands (for the 2nd time) to show his appreciation to the Fans. As he said last time he won, it was gratifying to celebrate his Win with the people that make this possible, the Fans! Go Carl, I for one am behind what you do and think you are one of the better drivers in attitude and skill. I am STILL a Jr Fan and believe he will start winning again, just have to get everything in it’s place for him to do so!

    Neither Hamlin, nor Busch deserve to Win a Championship, they are still too childish and think that everything should be given to them, if not they WHINE like 2 year olds that don’t get their way! Gibbs is an AWESOME Football Coach and has put a great team together in NASCAR, now all he has to do is to make his Drivers GROWUP…………. Just my opinion of course and do not expect anyone else to agree!

    I am TRULY eager to see next week @ Homestead and the ultimate outcome. Either Johnson OR Harvick would be a great ending to a great season. Remember when Harvick acted like both Busch & Hamlin, he certainly did grow up and truly acts like a great sportsman today! He has turned into quite a Driver and Owner!

  23. Pegi on
  24. Congratulations to Carl – he sure was on fire this weekend! He’s one of my favorites & I’m so happy for him. Going into the stands to celebrate with fans was a joy to watch! Would be happy to see either Denny or Kevin win – Jimmy is a fellow Californian but a differant face would be a nice change & probably good for the sport.

  25. tami m on
  26. I think we need more drivers that remember who helps keep them going we buy there stuff going in the stands saying thanks to the fans was the best thing I have seen I think all drivers need to show more They think give to this and give to that helps not really it just a tax wright off and the price we some people pay to see or hope to win some prize to see them I think what Carl did was great Made if we had more of that people that have quite watching or going to the races mite start going but till we see more caring people like Carl I think Nascar will loss a lot of fans My Family use to watch but the quite after Jimmie Johnson keep winning Alot of people have said if he wins again they will not watch and letting the pit crew switch is so wrong its like saying the NFL team needs to play for a collage team this should not be aloud but I guess you have money you can pay Nascar off And Chad not have a License to drive I dont think he Should be a crew cheif he needs to be a floor sweeper So Life is not far in Nascar because if jimmie wins again they need to take the car apart I would be more then happy to come and help.

  27. ladyred on
  28. I remember not too long ago when Carl deliberately wrecked Brad “because I wanted to win and yes, I did it intentionally”. Sportsman like conduct? Nuff said!

  29. marcel on
  30. It was a great race, glad Carl won. Great to see the champion ship go down to the last race. Should give Nascar new fans and hold on to the old ones. I like Jimmy as a racer and person but would like to see Danny be the champion, that was a heart breaker for him yesterday.

  31. AZomah on
  32. I made a huge oops! My guy finished 14th. A good nights rest is what is needed before blogging! Take care at Homestead Jr and put the pedal to the metal!

  33. john on
  34. Drivers who charge their fans for autographs should be banned from doings so. It just goes to show how greedy they really are.

  35. Ron on
  36. JOHN: Almost every Player in every Sport charges for their autographs, I do not agree with it. I think they ALL are over paid to begin with, not one of them deserve to get paid for a signature.

    I heard once that Roger Clemens use to charge $50.– for each autograph, can’t say I know this for sure, I have no proof, just what I have been told. I think out of ALL Sports NASCAR Drivers do more for the public, children and all their Fans at the track to mingle with, talk too, answer questions! They are much more accessible then ANY athlete.

    When will TV, Magazines, Sports Casters and many others admit and start reporting on the news, results of a Race, or the Drivers? These guys are out there in 140 degree heat for hours on end, no bathroom, no cold drinks until they pit, hit the wall at 200 mph and they are NOT considered Athletes? WRONG!!!

  37. ladyred on
  38. Looks like with so few comments on here about Carl there isn’t a lot of interest in him and his win. Just as well, time to delete and hope something more exciting happens this weekend. I’ve never been charged for Jr’s autograph and yes he is my favorite. His coming in 14th this past weekend puts another top 15 in his column. I’ll be rooting for Harvick this weekend, another gentleman like Jr. without the pouting and whining from drivers that Nascar seems to producing. I’ll be so glad when the end of season comes when everything on tv isn’t about Hamlin and Johnson….can’t wait for 2011 and hopefully our good older drivers will come to the front once more. KEEP VOTING FOR JR – time is running out! Give him 8 in a row and show people what racing is all about!!

  39. Judith Hatton on
  40. I am sorry folks, I am very proud of Carl and the only thing better would have been for him to have Annie and Kate in victory lane after the visit to the fans. It shows appreciation of the people. As for Denny, yes he had a tatrum due to the unknown and feeling he had been given a bad call. Perhaps a few minutes would help him calm down. But for goodness sake, have you all forgotten or did you not hear the things coming from Harvicks mouth.He screamed about his teammates. He screamed about his crew. He took Clints crew. He complains about the non chasers getting in his way. I am a Tony fan first and Tony and Harvick are friends but I am sorry. I am fond of MANY of the drivers, at least 12 or so. There are really only 5 or 6 that need to grow up and get a better attitude. Let the 3 guys go for the championship and quit picking them apart.

  41. Mare on
  42. I have mixed feelings about a driver running up into the grandstands.

  43. ladyred on
  44. Tony Stewart tried climbing the fence a few years ago, that didn’t work either. Hopefully, this is the last we hear of such antics AND last weeks race. Done-move on!

  45. REGAN on

  47. AZomah on
  48. I agree Regan, just like I said above, I don’t consider celebrating with fans as antics, I consider it showing appreciation. You are so right what a novel concept, a driver showing the fans he cares!

  49. Rick Castle on
  50. Have you been to a local track this happens all the time, good for you Carl!

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