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Car of Tomorrow Should Be Parked

It’s time to stop calling a NASCAR Race Car the Car of Tomorrow.

This new car has been raced for a full season in the 2008 Sprint Cup Series – on top of a partial run in 2007.

Still, there are still plenty of people – including drivers, crew chiefs and members of the media – and even a few race fans — who still insist on calling the race car the Car of Tomorrow.

Well, I’ve got news for them. Tomorrow has come and gone. It’s time to drop all that and simply call it what it is. According to John Darby – NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Director of Competition “the sticker we put on the car says NASCAR Race Car.” Why can’t we simply call it a race car?

But it’s NASCAR’s own fault that the name has stuck.  When Gary Nelson, then the head of NASCAR’s Research and Development Center in Concord, NC first announced plans for the new car it was referred to as “The Car of the Future.” As the time for the debut of the new car approached the name changed to “Car of Tomorrow.”

In fact, the Car of Tomorrow name was out there for a couple of years before the new car was introduced – allowing the name to be branded into people’s minds. Now it’s hard to get it out.

At this rate by the time we stop calling it the Car of Tomorrow there will be a new Car of Tomorrow coming out.

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16 Comments on Car of Tomorrow

  1. Fred Hogaboom on
  2. The “car of tomorrow” is a big farce. Whatever happened to the word “stock car.” Oh, I realize the cars have not been strictly stock from the beginning but this moniker is an abomination. Whats next, the “driver of tomorrow”, no thanks. That came along with “Jeffy.”

    The downturn in the economy is not the only reason attendance is down. Boring races broadcast by boring ex-crew chiefs and drivers is enough to put the most ardent fan asleep.

    For those of us who grew up with NASCAR in the 50′s and 60′s at least we have memories that will never be duplicated. Too bad NASCAR lost its way and became mired in it’s own success.

    Maybe it’s time for a company, more closely tied to racing then the “bottom” line, to put together a new racing approach. The National Association of Strictly Stock Car Racing versus The National Association of “fill in the blank” Racing.

  3. marcel on
  4. Let’s forget about the past, I don’t care what they were named. Move on and call it a SPRINT CARand leave it at that.Teams are starting to make it run real good. If its less money, good for them.

  5. Jim Chalmers on
  6. All is good the way it is. FAST FAST

  7. harry kimmey on
  8. only fitting to have this car, they screwed everything else up in racing, why not the car. it might be parked if the fans don’t show up to watch left turn ,left turn ,borring racing as it is now. i thought the racing was borring , give me a push ,my car is a little slow, i need more team mats and i can win, just give me a shove. it might and will cost the pusher a lot of times. if it wasn’t for the announcers building the race up ,it would be nap time. as a race fan i wouldn’t go to the race now if it was free and all was paid.bad times are coming for the race industry, can’t blame it on the ecomany either , look at other sports, there selling tickets. i’ve been involved in racing as far back as 1950, racing used to be racing ,not a bunch of rules. now it’s all about big bucks, white colar jobs as such. had my say for

  9. Greg on
  10. Yea we need to change the name to Crap of Today. The car handles badly and ya can’t see out the back window with that big wing in the way. It goes squirrley when ya get close to another car. The new template rules make everyone have the exact same body. Maybe we should just call it IROC and draw a car from a hat every race. Just like a lot of other great sports…big money is destroying Nascar.

    This is a Race car, Not a stock car. Stock is whaen you take ,it stripe it make it faster. From the way it came of the line.
    Old School. What ever happen to style? Body lines that look cool? I want top buy 1 of those!!!!!! One one can buy 1 of those.
    Unless your a TEAM! TO BAD!!!!

  11. Marie on
  12. This season has gotten off to the most boring start since I have been a NASCAR fan and that goes back to NASCAR’s beginnings. I am NOT a fan of this car, no matter what it’s called. I think this car is the biggest reason the races are so boring. Who wants to watch 43 cars circling a race track spread out like they are? This is not racing; it’s just a bunch of cars following one another around the track. Between these cars and DW’s and Larry Mac’s mouthiness, NASCAR is going down the drain.

  13. wayne bratton on
  14. I’m sick of looking at these C.O.T.they have to be the ugliest Stock cars that I have ever seen.Gee no wonder why people are not buying any of the big three cars,they don’t look like anything that is driven on the road.Go back to what a Stock car should look like.I’m tired of listening about the C.O.T..NASCAR made a big mistake with these Boats.

  15. Randy King on
  16. COT + NASCAR = NASCOT.. wothout Toyota, there would be no COT.. the COT stinx..

    Unfortunately as much as I love NASCAR I have to agree with Marie! The races are boring up until the last 20 laps and that is ONLY IF one or two cars didn’t lap all the others and we have a BIG 12-15 (?) on the lead lap! I have talked with others & if NASCAR goes down it will be due to the quality of the racing. The drivers do not have any wiggle room for change, if they bump each other – they get fined and I am getting sick of DW & Larry Mac’s “good ole days” stores over & over. Can’t NASCAR do something with this nice safe car to add a little “spark” – give the teams more leeway or ?????

  17. BETH on
  18. Don’t like it, never have. I’m hoping Nascar will listen to the fans someday before it’s too late.
    I’m all for the safety part but some things were fine before “the change”. Why’d they do it anyway?

  19. REGAN on
  20. IN A WORD IT (COT) SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Nytro on
  22. Cookie cutter cars and cookie cutter tracks take all what use to be racing boring. Auto makes had to produce 1000 cars to sell for the team to race it. Along came the Road Runner for one. The cars looked like the ones in the showroom. I got use to seeing Ned Jarret’s race car on a flatbed truck in the front yard three houses down from me. You were invited by the team to go to the race shop and just walk in to talk to the team. It was a crude set up but they won races with STOCK cars. All before it got so high tech, glad I got to enjoy that time in racing.

  23. Roger on
  24. The hand writing should be on the wall by now.
    The most Popular driver in NASCAR has spoken, and does not like the COT. And most fans do not either. I have been to over 50 Daytona 500 races and, more races all over, but Quit going.TO POOR RACES!!

  25. Fast Track on
  26. Jim:

    Have you lost your ever loving mind? The COT is J.U.N.K. It won’t, and isn’t fast(er) after NasCar (Zieg Hiel) down sizes the restrictor plates for the super speedways. This is nothing more than a knee jerk reaction to “Opie” AKA Carl Edward’s wrecking himself trying to win and landing on top of Ryan Newman’s # 39 and tearing the fence up. If they want to increase safety move the finish line instead of slowing the COT down. This rule will only increase cheating by car chiefs & engineers, end up in more suspensions. The way it is the fuel size and the fuel is dictated (Sonoco) the tires are dictated (GoodYear) the spoilers are handed out by NasCar, shocks have to be tested, restrictor plates are issued & owned by NasCar….where does it stop. NasCar equals one for one and all for one. The France family has to be damned sure they get paid. If they were cut out, the tickets would be cheaper, the teams could “Run what they brung” build their own cars cheaper. And PLEASE burn those cheezy templates for inspection issued by NasCar, this is complete and total NasCar BS. The COT is not more durable than the previous version, when they wreck they get just as destroyed as the last version, the front splitter which is policed by NasCar is nothing more than a NasCar issued GoodYear rear tire killer and everybody knows it. There’s more than enough evidence to can this COT is nothing more than a rolling junkpile. I think it should be called NCRJ instead of the COT. NasCar: Can this car, mind your own business, quit sticking your hand in the cookie jar, stop being the “Hitler” of NasCar and get a real job, stop killing “OUR” sport, that’s right, we pay for it, it’s our sport! Nuff said.


  27. regan on
  28. Sadly as it is, in the future I am seeing (sarcastic) more fans that will rather go to a horse race…

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