Can anyone beat Jimmie Johnson at Martinsville?

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Is there any reason for NASCAR to run a race in Martinsville next week?

It seems like Jimmie Johnson wins every time we go there. Johnson has 6 wins at the  half- mile Virginia paperclip. His average finish is 5.1.

So far this year Johnson has won 3 of 5 Sprint Cup races. He is the man to beat at Martinsville.

How do Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus do it?

The No. 48 team’s domination can’t be good for NASCAR – long known for keeping an equal playing field.

You don’t have to look any farther than the grandstands at Bristol to see that. There were 50,000 empty seats on Sunday. And Bristol has been sold out for 55 straight races.

Can anyone beat Jimmie Johnson at Martinsville




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  1. PW on
  2. You know that Chad and Jimmie are doing something different than everyone else. Jeff said at the end of last year we have to figure out what they are doing. Some people thought that meant they are cheating better than the rest, while others say they are just applying the rules better. The impact on me, and maybe other fans, is that I keep hoping that his car will fail. It is strange that I and others are not getting pumped about his amazing success, we are being dulled. I do not think NASCAR has to do anything unless they know Jimmie is cheating and are not doing anything about it, or that Jimmie should tank. I think the other teams need to get better and take the belt back on the track.

  3. karen on
  4. Get a grip!!!!! Jimmie had NOTHING to do with the fans turn out at Bristol. That’s NASCAR and TRACK OWNERS and their greedy ways.

    Have you been to a track when it was WINSTON? One dollar for a glass of water. Two dollars for a small glass of ice. THREE dollars for a pack of Winston’s!!!!

    Jimmie had NEVER won at Bristol!

    Nobody complained all the years Dale Sr won!

    Cry babies are what you are because Chad and Jimmie and their complete team, do their homework and work and work at winning. Even his part owner Jeff Gordon is crying!

    Disappointed that Kurt said, “I don’t mind loosing to any one but ‘him.” Hey. Two tires or four??????

    BUT. Thank you Kurt for not letting Mark Martin by to get 5 bonus points. Mark doesn’t know how to spell ‘retire.’ And he will NOT win a championship. Go Home, Mark.

    I do not believe Jimmie will win the championship this year. Just my own opinion.

    AND KEVIN H. sure reminds of Sr. Even has that ‘smirk’ on his face. GO KEVIN.

    I’ll check back for replies, because you’ve go my ‘dander’ up now, and that’s not cool when you are talking to a Canadian, who sure is proud to be a CANADIAN.

    All I have to say is if Dale Sr was alive and well today, Jimmy boy wouldn’t have a chance!!!

    Karen, I have had NASCAR fans tell me over and over they are losing interest because of Jimmie Johnson. I am not talking about one or two people. I have heard this from many people.

  5. vdeputy on
  6. I’m curious. Did NASCAR lose a lot of fans when Jeff was winning a lot? When Dale Senior was winning a lot? Is it the responsibility of the sanctioning body (of any sport) to do something about a team/individual that wins too much?

    There is really nothing NASCAR can do. Other than make sure we have fair competition. No, we didn’t lose a lot of fans when Dale or Jeff were winning a lot. But we are now.

  7. grace on
  8. Like Chad Knaus said they fixed well he really did and it was illegal right from the start. Jimmy was just driving the car & it is the car it self that is illegal and they could put anything in that or on Johnson so he could put it in while he is racing. Johnson is cheater also because he know what chad is doing. It is not fair for what chad is doing. Have you ever heard of almost cheating and because of the championship you let him get away with it & that is Nascar fault.

    i 100% agree,,,

    i say chad/jimmie figured a way to cheat or nascar is rigged,, either way jr has no chance @hms..

  10. I think nascar is loosen fan because of the go daddy and things like that it not for children to watch i got a five year old loves nascar but i wont let watch because of that

  11. Marie on
  12. You are absolutely 100% right!!

  13. Marie on
  14. Not only Go Daddy commercials but Cialis and Viagra commercials as well. Such commercials should not be allowed. They are disgusting.

  15. Jan on
  16. I am pretty sure Kurt took 4 tires as well as jimmie, but I have changed my mind about going to a race this year because I don’t want to spend that kind of money to watch Jimmie win. I know alot of people that won’t even watch them on t.v. anymore because of Jimmie.

  17. Dottie on
  18. I agree with Karen’s comments on Jimmie Johnson. The 48 team has got their act together and they don’t have to cheat to win. The empty seats that’s ridiculous to blame it on a driver/team. Before Jimmie Johnson the role of ruling
    for stretches in stock car racing variously was held by Richard Petty, Bobby Allison, David Pearson, Dale Earnhardt Sr., Bill Elliott, Darrell Waltrip, Cale
    Yarborough, Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon and Billy Wade. Jimmie Johnson will be
    added to this list in the future and another young gun will come in and take his
    place as the driver to beat.

  19. mick on
  20. Tuned in the last ten laps .. and saw exactly what I expected – that’s why I didn’t watch it, and I’ve been a NASCAR fan since the first televised race.

    The whole world’s fallin’ apart, why should NASCAR be different?

  21. jerry on
  22. Just think ,we all get treated to see the greatest driver in history become the greatest driver in history .Yawn! I won’t feel so bad now taking a nap during the race .

  23. Pegi on
  24. Agree that Kurt didn’t need to move over so Mark could get 5 points but retire? WHY? What a foolish comment!!!

  25. Jim Fulbright on
  26. its never gonna change till nascar finds out how Johnson and his crew are cheating. Have they checked his car for magnets under the gas pedal?

    You got that right !!!!
    How are you doing John ???

    I agree with your thoughts on these commericals, but they are allowed as owners need sponsors and if these work, they will continue. If there is something I don’t want to see, I hit my mute button or change the channel until it’s over.

    It is getting boring and I agree with the majority of fans, and that is strange that no matter where JJ starts he always ends up winning. NASCAR really needs to investigate his car more throughly. WE ALL CAN SEE THAT THERE IS “SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE” How about both driver and car chief take a lie detector test and the test be done by a very loyal fan of another driver ?????

  27. Carole on
  28. I also have to agree with the majority of the fans regarding JJ. It’s not that I don’t like him, it’s just you look forward to Saturday night or Sunday in anticipation of watching your Nascar race, but then the race is over and it’s that some old finish and the same old winner. Why even watch the race in the first place? JJ is a good driver, but how can he be so lucky ALL the time? It doen’t make sense. And how often does he have mechanical failures?

  29. karen on
  30. Hey Danny & Marie!!! AGREE!!!!

    Come on, get real!!!!! It is the economy!!!!!! People are not working and loosing their houses.

    Another good point someone brought up was the fans loosing interest because it’s just round and round. My husband says the same thing with TV. Watch the first ten laps and the last 10. He particularly noticed that’s what fans were doing at Bristol.

    Yes. People are tired of Jimmy winning and I agree it makes sense. But what are they supposed to do????????? They are a good team. Remember, Jeff Gordon owns part of Jimmy’s car.

    We went through the same thing at our local track when Jr. Hanley was ‘top dog’. Fans would start pulling out before the end of the race. Others would say, “I’m not going to Delaware because Jr. Hanley will win.” BUT many times they were wrong.

    Expectation. Any one think we are expecting too much?

    TRUCKS!!!! This week end!!! Their motto “We don’t play nice!”. I was so not into trucks when they started, but must confess, I am a die hard TRUCK RACING fan now.

    Great responses from all. I sure enjoyed this post.

    Yours in Racing,

  31. DOOWAH on
  32. You people need to grow up and get a grip on reality. If it was Dale JR that is winning all those races and championships you idiots would think that all was well and dandy. As far as cheating goes, every team out there are taking advantage of the gray areas of NASCAR rules. If you think NASCAR is letting Chad and Jimmy get away with cheating, find some other sport to watch and stop your whinning.

  33. Jay on
  34. Nothing against Dale Sr, he was my Dad’s favrorite driver, but If Dale Sr. was still alive, he would be 50 y.o.and would be retired by now. He hadn’t won a championship since ’94

  35. Jay on
  36. I meant Dale Sr. would be 59 y.o.

  37. Jay on
  38. I replied to grace’s comment a week or so ago and my reply is gone. It wasn’t any bad, so where is my reply? Was it deleted? And what is the Website box for when you making a comment or replying to a comment

  39. shane on
  40. dale sr was the man…and trust me johnson gets his trophys for notthing

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