Bud Shotout Turns Away Coors Pole Winners

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Bud Eliminates Pole Winners From Race

Everyone knows that sponsors are all powerful in NASCAR, but who knew they had the power to change the format of the very races themselves.

In a battle of the beer sponsors NASCAR pole winners will no longer be automatically eligible for the 2009 Budweiser Shootout.

Anheuser Busch has sponsored the first race of the NASCAR season since 1979. The race was initially known as the Busch Clash. Now it’s called the Bud Shootout.

But in 2008 the Coors Light Pole Award became the official award that NASCAR uses to recognize the fastest qualifier.

“The change is welcome, and I think everyone will like the change.” ~ Denny Hamlin

The Bud Pole Award went away this year when Bud pulled their sponsorship. Coors Light now sponsors the pole award. So a new racing structure was needed.

The race doesn’t pay any points, but it amounts to NASCAR’s pre-season all star race. Traditionally drivers had to win a pole the previous year, or be a previous Bud shootout winner, to qualify for the race — but now that Coors is the Pole sponsor the rules have changed.

Ryan Newman, Patrick Carpentier, and Joe Nemecheck have all won poles this year, but based on the new rules they will not be in the race next year – as they would have been in previous years. Neither will Tony Stewart.

The Budweiser Shootout in Daytona will have a new format beginning in 2009.

The top 6 race teams from each manufacturer – based on owner’s points – will be in the race.

24 race teams will compete in the 2009 Shootout. The top 6 teams from each manufacturer will earn a spot in NASCAR’s first race of the year. That is, the top 6 Chevrolets, Fords, Dodges and Toyotas.

Instead of qualifying, drivers will draw for starting positions at the Budweiser Shootout Draw Party prior to the race.

The race distance has been increased to 75 laps over 2 segments. The first run will be for 25 laps, followed by a 50 lap stretch to the finish.

Teams will have a 10 minute pit stop between segments to change tires, take on fuel, and make adjustments to their race cars.

The race will be held Saturday night under the lights on February 7, 2009 at Daytona International Speedway.

Did NASCAR make the right call in allowing a sponsor to make such a major decision in racing?




15 Comments on Bud Shotout Turns Away Coors Pole Winners

    I like the new format. I think qualifying at any race is a waste of time, money, and equipment. Teams should line up according to points standings. If you want to start a race up front you need to finish races up front so you can position yourself high in the points.

  1. Sandy on
  2. I used to take a day of vacation to watch this race. Now, I don’t need to waste a day of vacation. They have completely ruined this race. It is obvious that the “race between manufacturers” is manufactured in itself, since EVERYTHING is equal, they are ruining racing in general as well. Too bad. I guess I will have to find something else to do.

  3. tenshifter on
  4. I have to agree with Sandy,I am getting where I don’t care whether I watch the race each week or not. Road courses suck,and the penalties should be the same no matter who receives them.

  5. Greg on
  6. I can’t beleave this. I don’t know who came up with this idea but who ever did needs to rethink it. It makes no sence and I am sure will make for even less viewers. Got to be a better way.

  7. Barbara Dionne on
  8. Change isn’t always good or wanted. This is one of those times!!

  9. George on
  10. Y E S MR.Brewer anything you say S I R !!!!!!!??????

  11. Marge on
  12. I hate the change, but they have made so many changes.I use to never miss a race if I can’t go I would always watch now i may watch the last 20 laps.I went to Texas for the first 4 years they ran there, went to the first Vegas race theywere very rude to the fans I never went back. went to datyona 5 times pocono’s3 times went to Concord N.C twice a year for 8 years straight.plus Bristol,Atlanta,Rockingham,last at N.Wilkesboro
    but they have so many rules now that the drivers can’t race to many other things to worry about. LET THE DRIVERS RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. bruce on
  14. I’ve been a nascar fan since the begining some of the changes have been good.I never missed a race in all that time .when they changed from winston everything went to h–l.bought a new boat learned to like fishing if i don’t see arace again it won’t hurt me.this was brought about by nascars piss poor rules and changes so have a good time I can live without you.

  15. Patricia on
  16. Since Budweiser is no longer an American owned company… let the changes begin.

  17. Raymond on
  18. CHANGE! Its a fact of life, but not all changes are for the better. Racing has gotten to be very boring I rather go to a laundry mat and watch the clothes spin around in the dryer. Nascar has gotten to big and has ruined real stock car racing. I stick with going to the local track and see real drivers and very real racing.

  19. ron on
  20. YES!!! I think this is very good, if it is their money that is going in this, well yes!!!! Do you think that Coors might do the same, I think so!!!!

  21. nascarbaby on
  22. I love going to Michigan International Speedway.~M.I.S.
    But, Nascar should let the drivers get mad!
    That’s what makes hockey so cool!
    Spontaneous expression! Beat’n & bagging to the finish line. Why not, the car are safer!!
    This IS American racing!!!
    Stock car racing, not Indy or Formula 1… Stock cars that can take the hits.
    Coors changing the rules,did they go to Nascar school???
    It a crappy beer,their cars never won a race,that they sponsor Now this. Who has time to fallow all the new rules?

  23. FanGranny on
  24. I like Coors beer (and Bud) and I like the new format. It isn’t a points race and anything different will be refreshing. If all races started according to points, the lower ones should start in the front – to show which cars & drivers are REALLY good.

  25. FanGranny on
  26. In the bush leagues of ANY sport it’s bang em up, but once they get to the PROS I say it should be how they play the game.

  27. LADYBLUE on
  28. I like the new 25/50 but I don’t think it’s fair to the drivers that worked hard all year. It seems the sport is becoming all about money!
    Too many changes in too little time. What ever happend to good old fashion racing?

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