Bud Shootout Teases NASCAR Fans

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Bud Shootout Teases NASCAR Fans



Are you ready for some racing? NASCAR kicks off the 2012 season Saturday night under the lights at Daytona with the 34th running of the Budweiser Shootout.

The Shootout, originally called the Busch Clash began in 1979 and the first winner was Buddy Baker who held off Darrell Waltrip by a car length. Originally it was a 20 lap event with no breaks. The event was a contest between the previous year’s pole winners and there were only 9 drivers in the field.

Saturday night’s event will be a little different. It will be a 75 lap race with a 10 minute break after 25 laps. Kurt Busch is the defending champion of the race who won last year’s event by a record .058 seconds on a last-lap pass of Denny Hamlin and Ryan Newman becoming the 19th different driver to score a win in the race. That win was the only win for Dodge in Shootout history. That race had a record 28 lead changes over 75 laps.

Five drivers have won the race by leading only the final lap. Dale Earnhardt was the first in 1980, Neil Bonnett in 1983 and 1984, Rusty Wallace in 1998, Dale Jarrett in 2004 and Kevin Harvick in 2009.

Dale Earnhardt Jr scored the win in 2008 leading a total of 47 laps, an event record. The No. 88 car has been to Victory Lane  5 times in Budweiser Shootout history with three different drivers; Bobby Allison, Dale Jarrett and Dale Jr. The only other car number with as many wins is the No. 3 with 5 wins by Dale Earnhardt.

The green flag is set for 8:10 Saturday night, so pull your belts tight and get ready to race.

Who are you picking to win?







27 Comments on Bud Shootout Teases NASCAR Fans

  1. Mama Donia on
  2. Thanks, Greg for keeping us all informed thru the year!!!!! Amy is really a pretty girl, maybe she is keeping Junebug happy, he has been with her awhile———-

  3. lady red on
  4. My pick will always be Dale, Jr. It would be the right way to start off his year!

  5. Penny on
  6. My pick always as well, Dale Jr. Great way to start the season.

  7. Barbara on
  8. Boogity, Boogity, Boogity. Let’s go racin’ boys! Go Dale, Jr.!!!!!

  9. Frank Kervin, Sr. on
  10. Thanks, Greg, for your time to keep us all up-to-date on everything throught the year. My choice is naturally DALE JR. He is going to have a great season this year.

  11. Carole on
  12. No doubt in my mind. My pick is Dale Jr.

  13. Jim on
  14. Jr. doesn’t have a chance if Cousin Carl is there.

  15. AZomah on
  16. My choice is Dale Jr. also. Having a rough time waiting until until Friday for practices. Glad we are all together again.

    Well jr. Amy, really pretty mabe she be the one. Hey JR. drive like you never dove before go for it . JR. is the one i would pick him over all . goooooooooo JR…. WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO.

  17. lady red on
  18. AZ – glad to be back to with ALL the Jr. supporters. Usually when a driver has a good year, the next one ain’t so hot…and so it goes!

  19. lady red on
  20. Carl who?

    Some interesting things coming up, I’ll keep you posted.

    The numbers are in his favor.

    Can you believe the season is around the corner?

    Let’s go!

    Ready to see some racing.

    Thanks for your pick.

    About time we all got together. Can’t wait for the race, either.

    Does Amy need to wear the firesuit?

  21. AZomah on
  22. I had not heard that Jr. has a cousin named Carl! LOL!!!

  23. Mama Donia on
  24. AMEN, I hope Cousin Carl, to the news people, doesn’t make a lap period!!!!!

  25. lady red on
  26. As your Jr. once said, “I drive the boat”, don’t think we will be seeing the lady in a firesuit!

  27. AZomah on
  28. I don’t either, our Jr., will always be the boss!! Amy knows that, since she is still with him, I can hardly wait until this season is over and we can all wait for Dale the 3rd to come ! I am very happy for Jr.. At least he is no longer alone.

  29. AZomah on
  30. If you want to grow a beard, do it Jr., I think it is neat!!!!! My late Hubby could grow a full beard! I liked it!!

  31. B-Bro on
  32. I’m not a big kyle busch fan but he showed last night he is about the best wheel man ever to be put in a race car. It seems like anything on the track with a hendrick motor tried to wreck him and many got what they dished out. If this keeps up I might find myself wearing a m&m’s/fastenal hat.

  33. B-Bro on
  34. and good luck to ur driver too

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