Are Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Championship Hopes Over?

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Not if you ask Junior. He walks through the Sprint Cup garage with an extra bit of confidence today. His head a bit higher and a spark in his eye. Earnhardt knows he has what it takes to be a Sprint Cup Champion.

Today at Chicagoland Speedway he took the No. 88 Chevrolet from a 42nd place starting position to a solid 8th place finish. He is now 7th in the standings, 17 points out of the lead.

Not if you ask Steve Letarte, Crew Chief on the No. 88. Letarte has given Dale Earnhardt Jr consistently fast and well-handling cars all year long. He has given Dale Jr a reason to be confident.

Not if you ask the media. Not long ago reporters who would regularly ignore Earnhardt or question his will to win are now talking about Junior’s chances after a very consistent series of top 5 and top 10 finishes in 2012.

Not if you ask a Dale Earnhardt Junior fan. His fans are ever confident and feel that he has a shot to win almost any race.

What about you? Who are you picking for the 2012 Champion?





23 Comments on Are Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Championship Hopes Over?

  1. pam brooks on
  2. Not by a longshot is Dale,Jr out of the championship. He is 7th and only -17. Look what Kahne did today, so JR can do the same next week at New Hampshire. GO JR and thee 88 TEAM!!

  3. marcia linz on
  4. Jr is not finish from wining the chase. It just tell everyone that no matter what place he start in he can get up in the top 10 and will win.

  5. Elaine Carclay on
  6. Dale Jr all the way #1 Always

  7. Steve L. on
  8. Not over at all. He went from 42nd and finished 8th and didn’t take him that long to get in the top 10 and 15. The 88 team has nothing to worry about. The pit crew even did a sub 12 second pit stop at 11.8.

  9. lady red on
  10. No way Jr. is out of it, this was just the first race. Jr. is a different man nowadays. He has confidence, he is always smiling and upbeat. I think Amy has been good for him, she seems to have brought him out of the shell he has been living in all these years and he seems to be enjoying life for a change. Good luck to them! She is by his side now and he has someone cheering him on. There is still time for him to win races, he will always be #1. He seems to be getting more popular than ever and the interviews he has given are superb. If Jr. couldn’t win today, glad it was Brad, time for JJ’s dominance to end!!!

  11. Mavis on
  12. I don’t believe he is any more out of the chase than he was yesterday. He has the same chance as any of the other chase drivers. I never pick him to win because I feel I jinx everyone I pick so I always pick drivers that I don’t want to do well. That probably sounds weird but except for one race this year it has worked. For example I picked Hamlin today.

  13. Mama Donia on
  14. NO WAY! Today was only the first race, there are still nine to go, and Jr. is only 17 points out. As you said, Jr. started in 42nd place and finished 8th, that was one heck of a great performance. I don’t understand the media, they start trying to eliminate as soon as something starts, it is crazy. The tracks where Jr. runs extremely well are coming up, lets see what he can do then. I would give anything to see Jr. win this championship and I’m not gonna count him out until the end. “LOVE THAT JUNEBUG”

  15. Mama Donia on
  16. GREG: Glad to see your o.k. , been missing your e-mails!!!!!

  17. Mare on
  18. Dale Jr has proven all season that he can compete in races and be consistant each week, so there is no reason to count him out of the chase. I know the announcers have their favorites and it shows when you listen to them, but Jr has done some great racing this year and has become a good contender for sure. He will still improve and have some great years ahead if all of his team stay on the same page and show they are a team that can be a champion.

  19. Matt on
  20. JR was the 4th place finisher of the chasers today(could be 5th?) He had some bad luck startin 42nd but came on strong and held on for 8th place. And that was a mediocre day! Much kudos to Steve Letarte…he has breathed new life into the whole team. Its been fun to be a JR fan again and no way am i gonna get down over today. Go 88!

  21. Dean on
  22. Go Junebug!!!

  23. Pegi on
  24. Jr. did a fine job considering where he started. There are so many variables during these races that his chances are as good as any of the 12 drivers. I know I’ll be pulling for him every week! Win or lose…he’s my guy!


  25. karen on

    No matter where he finishes in the chase he will be happy to know just what he has accomplished.

    I hope some of the media read this. You are such a disgrace. If Jr. could avoid YOU now, he would.

    WHY DO YOU NOT GET A WORD OR TWO FROM the 43rd….28th….15th’s finishes…you not only would make their day but you would also come across as a
    very ‘classy’ reporter who show COMPASSION.


  27. Addie on
  28. Dale, Jr. is the man! Yes Dale all the way!

  29. jessie on
  30. dale jr has a good chance to win this thats who i want to see win

    No way, is he out of the chase championship. I have faith in Jr.He can do it. He has his confidence way up this year.I will never give up on him. he will always be my #1 driver. GO JUNEBUG, KICK SOME BUTT.

  31. AZomah on
  32. Guess I am 2 days short of a full load!! GOOOOOOO JR!!!!!

  33. Mary on
  34. No way are his hopes over, nor are anyone else’s. We’ve just completed the first race. This is anyone’s Chase. Of course, I’m looking for a six-pack this November. LOL, never touch the stuff, but GO JIMMIE!!!!!

  35. lady red on
  36. BOO!!!

  37. Susie Powell on
  38. Jr’s in it to win it! GO 88!!!! Make Jr. Nation proud!

  39. AZomah on
  40. DITTO!!!

  41. J Burr on
  42. I keep hoping Jr will win,but he just don’t have no luck,Maybe one of these days He will. Now I would like to know,Why do they have, that silly looking girl up there when they interview the winner,All she does is grins and shakes her head.

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