Welcome to RacingWin — A place where you’ll find an inside look at what’s going on with NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing.

I won’t claim to bring you the latest news — instead, we’ll break down the stories going around the garage area, and let you know what’s really going on back at the race shop.

Hey there,  I’m the team owner here at RacingWin. Since I don’t have a driver, a crew chief or even a race car I’ll just stick to writing a few stories to keep you informed and, hopefully, entertained.

I’ve seen a few improvements in NASCAR. Although some would argue they’re not really improvements. My aim here is to give you an inside view of NASCAR racing — and give you a place where you can talk back and share your opinion.

Occasionally I refer products on this site. For that I may receive a commission. I never recommend anything to you that I would not use myself.

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