A Bad Set of Tires in NASCAR

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What Is A Bad Set of Tires?

Whenever you hear a NASCAR driver or crew chief complain about a bad set of tires it doesn’t mean that the tires are bad – just that the 4 tire combination didn’t match up as well as the other sets of tires that were used.

NASCAR’s Goodyear Racing Eagle’s are individually built by hand at Goodyear’s plant. Every tire is slightly different, and it’s the teams tire specialist to take the tires Goodyear provides and match them up together for a race run.

There can be a hundred differences between two identical looking tires. Some of the things the tire specialists take a look at are:

  • Overall tire height
  • Tire circumference
  • Spring rate
  • Tire pressure
  • Tire codes
  • Build date

The tire specialist matches the tires up into sets based on data form the tire measurements and data from previous races to achieve the bet balance and drivability for the driver.

Goodyear may build as many as 6,000 tires for a big race like the Daytona 500. While they all might have the same specifications, tire No. 327 may be very different from tire No. 5,999.

A tire that Goodyear builds on Tuesday can be worlds apart from one it builds on Friday, even though they are from the same tire run.

Tires are built by human hands, and each one comes out different. Imagine trying to do the same task exactly the same way for 500 times in a row. There are gong to be minor variations from tire to tire.

The team tire specialist will enter all their data into a complex chart or spreadsheet and match up the tires based on the driver’s preferences.

Some sets will match up better than others, and when a driver doesn’t like the way the tires perform he’ll usually say he got a bad set of tires.




4 Comments on A Bad Set of Tires in NASCAR

  1. Stash on
  2. I think the first question should be, when do the teams get the tires for the race. With the technology the teams of today have, if the get the tires soon enough, perhaps a technician can take the lot a figure which ones are the best matched.

  3. Mare on
  4. My question is: How does each team get their sets of tires each race, does someone just drop off “X” many tires in each garage for that driver and that team has to check over and match up their own out of that amount? Who is the “Who” in charge of getting the tires to the team’s crew each race? Also, can someone get better tires than someone else??????????? and is cheating going on there as in other areas that were caught this past year—–Can someone that has been a race watcher for years answer my questions—–

    That is exactly what happens. The teams get their tires when they arrive at the track.

  5. colten on
  6. all of goodyears tires are leased to the drivers and every one has a small microchip in it so it can be tracked. and goodyear has to have their tired back before u can leave….im pretty sure gdy mounts and balances all of the sets then u get what u get and try to run the best set

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